Full Show Footage: moe. Tropical Throe.down Performances


Last week moe. held their most recent Tropical Throe.down destination concert event at the Jewel Paradise Cove Resort in Runaway Bay, Jamaica. Among moe.’s performances included a tribute to David Bowie, an acoustic set and a bust-out filled finale that saw Bill Payne of Little Feat sit-in (as he had prior). Three of the four moe. shows in Jamaica were captured and have been posted to YouTube by user evensteveco.

Below is HD, tripod shot footage of moe.’s full show performances from January 10, 11 and 13. Also included are full set performances by fellow Tropical Throe.down artists Medeski, Martin & Wood and Little Feat who were on hand for their coinciding 14th Annual Jamaican Feat Camp.

[moe. January 10 Full Show]

[moe. January 11 Full Show]

[moe. January 13 Full Show]

[Medeski, Martin & Wood January 13 Full Set]

[Medeski, Martin & Wood January 12 Full Set]

[Medeski, Martin & Wood January 11 Full Set]

[Little Feat January 9 Full Show]

[Little Feat January 10 Full Show]

[Little Feat January 12 Full Show]

[Little Feat January 13 Full Show]

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