Follow Friday | Phish Drummer Jon Fishman

Much like previous Follow Friday selection Prince, this week’s chosen account, that of Phish drummer Jon Fishman, is notable for the prospect of what tweets may come more so, perhaps, than what has been shared so far. Just a week old, the yet-to-be-verified Twitter account of Fish’s –@jfishman600 -has produced just a handful of politically-centric 140-character missives, but with Phish Summer Tour on the horizon we’re hoping for more insight from the road and beyond.

Fish reportedly set up his new Twitter handle in order to support the presidential candidacy of U.S. Senator and Burlington, Vermont resident Bernie Sanders, and early returns show he’s a major supporter of the Democratic candidate.

In addition to backing Sanders, Fish has used his Twitter account to draw awareness to the health dangers of lead exposure, particularly the work of Tamara Lee Rubin.

And other than a couple of retweets regarding Sanders and Rubin, there hasn’t been much else from Fishman on Twitter. But with tour and the presidential election drawing ever more near, look for more commentary out of @jfishman600 in the weeks and months to come.