Exclusive Premiere: Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad’s New Album ‘Make It Better’


Tomorrow, Rochester, New York-based Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad will issue a new album entitled Make It Better via the Rootfire Cooperative label. In advance of Friday’s official release, JamBase is pleased to premiere the entire 10-track LP.

Bassist James Searl, guitarists Dylan Savage and Dan Keller, drummer Chris O’Brian and keyboardist Tony Gallicchio recorded Make It Better at Riot City Sound and Blackdog Studios in Rochester with longtime collaborator and former GPGDS member Matt Goodwin. Sessions were also held with former crew member, engineer Joel Scanlon, at Scanhope Sound in Littleton, Colorado. Though he and the band never met in person, Danny Kalb mixed and co-produced Make It Better.

“We reached about as deep down into our souls as we knew how to go and then a little bit more, and came out with Make It Better,” James Searl told JamBase. “It provides no answers, only more questions. This album was inspired by intense life pressures and the shared experience of political emotion. Conceptually, the album is the journey of the boy on the cover – a boy who no one will know, yet somehow is at the focus of our global conversation.”

The follow-up to last year’s Americana-themed LP Bright Days and their album Steady that topped the Billboard Reggae Albums chart in 2014, Make It Better features backup vocals from Elliot Martin of John Brown’s Body on the song “Really True.” Head here to order Make It Better which is available to stream in its entirety exclusively below:

Make It Better Tracklist

  1. Make It Better
  2. Live And Travel
  3. Signs
  4. Really True
  5. Walk Right Talk Right
  6. What Kind Of World
  7. Gotta Make A Living
  8. Greatest Of Days
  9. Trouble Deep
  10. Gone

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