Everyone Orchestra Details Lineup For Tumble Down Late Night Show


Conductor Matt Butler will lead an Everyone Orchestra performance at Higher Ground in South Burlington, Vermont on July 28 as an after-party for the Tumble Down Festival. The impressive lineup for the late-night show was recently revealed.

Butler will lead guitarist Mihali Savoulidis, bassist Zdenek Gubb, drummer Brook Jordan and keyboardist Ryan Dempsey of Twiddle. Also aboard are Jeremy Schon (Pigeons Playing Ping Pong), John Kimock (KIMOCK, Mike Gordon), Grahame Lesh (Midnight North, The Terrapin Family Band), Elliott Peck (Midnight North), Pappy Biondo (Cabinet), Calvin Barthel (Ripe), Josh Shpak (Ripe) and Ben Carrey (Pigeons Playing Ping Pong).

Everyone Orchestra concerts are all-improvised performances based on themes Butler writes on a white board which he shows the audience and musicians. Tickets are on sale now via Ticketfly.

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