Watch Eggy Spot ‘Shadow’ Encompassing CSNY & Paul McCartney Covers In Chicago

Crosby Stills Nash & Young’s “Carry On” and the Paul McCartney classic “Coming Up” were fit into “Shadow” by the quartet at Martyrs’.

By Scott Bernstein Oct 27, 2023 1:47 pm PDT

Key elements of a jam band are the ability to pull off song sandwiches, the propensity to improvise, the skill to write enjoyable original music and a knack for playing choice covers. Connecticut-based quartet Eggy showed off all four elements during a 47-minute sequence that ended their second set last Friday, October 20 at Martyrs’ in Chicago and today released pro-shot video of the segment.

The band — guitarist Jake Brownstein, keyboardist Dani Battat, drummer Alex Bailey and bassist Mike Goodman — weaved takes on Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young’s “Carry On” and Paul McCartney’s “Coming Up” into their own “Shadow” to wrap up their closing stanza at Martyrs’ last weekend. Eggy jammed all three songs into each other with “Coming Up” fit within “Carry On.”

The introspective jam vehicle “Shadow” was premiered by Eggy on March 30, 2019 in Fairfield, Connecticut. A studio version of the song helmed by Battat and harmonies courtesy of Bailey was released later that same year. Brownstein led a jam that saw Eggy alternate between pretty and evil soundscapes. Eventually Battat took control with an electric piano tone he used to front a particularly funky workout. Eggy went the stop-start route at points of the exciting excursion. They used a long pause to set up a build to ferocious organ-driven peak.

Jake Brownstein was back delivering tasty leads after focusing on rhythmic work and worked in the riff that starts “Carry On.” Eggy displayed spot-on harmonies during the Stephen Stills-penned number that opens CSNY’s Déjà Vu album. The four-piece has been playing “Carry On” since 2017 yet the version in Chicago was just their 13th known cover of the song as per statistics on fan site The Carton. Goodman laid down the signature bass riff at the heart of the tune while Brownstein shredded. Mike Goodman then took a bass solo Eggy used to guide them into a funk jam that bled into “Coming Up.”

Eggy stayed true to original version recorded by Paul McCartney for 1980’s McCartney II track until grooving on a delay vamp following the chorus. Brownstein layered an ascending riff atop a funk rhythm as the band hit near silence otherwise. Eggy came back in with a vengence and lit into the conclusion of “Carry On.” The quartet then impressively returned to “Shadow” territory to cap the otherworldly sequence.

See Eggy’s “Shadow” > “Carry On” > “Coming Up” > “Carry On” > “Shadow” below:

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Set One: Boom or Bust > Apology, City Lights, Sweat Equity[1], Time Loves A Hero[2]

Set Two: Smile, Way Of The Stone, A Moments Notice, Shadow -> Carry On[3] -> Coming Up[4] -> Carry On[3] -> Shadow

Encore: 12 Pounds of Pain[5]


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