DVR Rewind | Springsteen And Fallon Mock Christie On Late Night

By Scott Bernstein Jan 15, 2014 10:30 am PST

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has had a tough few weeks. After being the subject of controversy thanks to an issue with lane closures on the George Washington Bridge, he was mocked by his favorite musician, Bruce Springsteen, on last night’s episode of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

Fallon and Springsteen dressed as the ’80s version of The Boss to sing a parody of “Born To Run” that included lyrics about BridgeGate. Take a look:

Springsteen teamed up with The E Street Band and guitarist Tom Morello (guitarist Stevie Van Zandt is in Norway filming Lillehammer) to perform three songs off the just-released High Hopes LP:

[High Hopes]

[Just Like Fire Would]

[Heaven’s Wall]

The New Jersey native also sat for a number of interview segments:

Finally, watch The Boss answer Twitter questions:

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