Dominican Holidaze 2016 Begins In Punta Cana: Day 1 – Photos & Setlists


Images by: Joshua Timmermans

Dominican Holidaze 2016 Day 1 :: 12.01.16 :: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Yesterday marked the official start to the 2016 installment of Dominican Holidaze. This year’s event is being held at Now Onyx and Breathless Resort & Spa in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. The destination music festival got underway at sunset on Thursday with a performance by The Floozies. After a welcome toast, the jamtronica vibe continued with STS9 delivering a two set performance that included “Shock Doctrine” and “Love Don’t Terrorize” in the first half and a second set that began with a sequence of “This, Us” > “When the Dust Settles Reprise” > “Four Year Puma” and closed with “World Go Round.”

The first night continued with the Disco Biscuits holding things down for two sets. Classics such as the opening “Floes,” an inverted “Little Betty Boop” and a cover of Pink Floyd’s “Run Like Hell” punctuated set one. The second set picked up where the first had ended with a continuation of “Spraypaint.” Inverted versions of “Digital Buddha” and “Confrontation” were paired together before the set closing ending of “Morph Dusseldorf” brought the performance to an end. Late night entertainment was further provided by a DJ set from DEITCH. Photographer Joshua Timmermans is in Punta Cana, view his gallery from the first day of Dominican Holidaze below.

Dominican Holidaze - Day 1 - Timmermans-20161201-094
Dominican Holidaze - Day 1 - Timmermans-20161201-234
Dominican Holidaze - Day 1 - Timmermans-20161201-253
Dominican Holidaze - Day 1 - Timmermans-20161201-358
Dominican Holidaze - Day 1 - Timmermans-20161201-533
Dominican Holidaze - Day 1 - Timmermans-20161201-622
Dominican Holidaze - Day 1 - Timmermans-20161201-737
Dominican Holidaze - Day 1 - Timmermans-20161201-763
Dominican Holidaze - Day 1 - Timmermans-20161201-855
Dominican Holidaze - Day 1 - Timmermans-20161201-1017
Dominican Holidaze - Day 1 - Timmermans-20161201-1032
Dominican Holidaze - Day 1 - Timmermans-20161202-1064
Dominican Holidaze - Day 1 - Timmermans-20161202-1082
Dominican Holidaze - Day 1 - Timmermans-20161202-1096
Dominican Holidaze - Day 1 - Timmermans-20161202-1106


STS9 (via The Church Of STS9)

Set One: You Don’t Say, March, Wika Chikana (slow intro), Shock Doctrine, Love Don’t Terrorize, Grow, Out of This World >> Frequencies 2 >> 3

Set Two: This, Us >> When the Dust Settles Reprise >> Four Year Puma, Crystal Instrument, Walk to the Light >> Kaya, Aimlessly, World Go Round

the Disco Biscuits (via tDB FB)

Set One: Floes, King of the World -> Cyclone -> Little Betty Boop (inverted) -> Run Like Hell -> Spraypaint (ending only)

Set Two: Spraypaint -> Digital Buddha (inverted) -> Confrontation (inverted) -> Morph Dusseldorf (ending only)