Dead & Company’s Oteil Burbridge Performs ‘Eyes Of The World’ Bass Solo


One of the highlights of Dead & Company‘s Halloween show at Madison Square Garden in NYC, as noted in our review was bassist Oteil Burbridge’s sensational “Eyes Of The World” solo. Watch video of the former Allman Brothers Band bassist’s “Eyes” solo shared by Oteil himself:

Also, check out a particularly cool view of “Uncle John’s Band” shot side-stage on Sunday night showing off Oteil’s handiwork and posted on Burbridge’s YouTube channel:

Oteil spoke with Live For Live Music about the circumstances that led to him joining Dead & Company, his rehearsal process and much more. Burbridge revealed he had his doubts about where his career would lead especially after his wife gave birth to a baby boy in January, “My 17-year tenure with the Allman Brothers Band ended a year ago last October. Then my first child (a son) was born in January this year. Talk about being nervous. I thought ‘Wow, I really hope there’s another great gig out there for me to help me support this little guy that we brought here.’”

Burbridge also explained he was disappointed when a photo surfaced of Phish bassist Mike Gordon rehearsing with Bob Weir, Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann as he thought Gordon would fill the Dead & Company bass role, “My wife Jess and I were pretty let down but really happy for Mike. I always say that if its meant to be then it will happen. We tried to let it go and look forward. Then a month or so later they called back! If it’s meant to be…”

The bassist went into detail about his rehearsal process and studying Phil Lesh, “I did study Phil a lot though. I had to just to learn the actual songs. But Phil’s parts changed and evolved through the decades. Also I’ve had to adjust what I’m playing to the slower tempos but I always start with what Phil played on the earliest recordings. After we got into rehearsals Bob told me to listen to the 90’s recordings more because that’s where the songs were going, evolution-wise, when Jerry died. Now that I know the songs better, when I go back and listen to what Phil was doing it kills me so much more. He’s a genius. Analyzing his choices reveals one of the craziest, coolest approaches in the history of the instrument. He is a revolutionary for sure.”

Dead & Company return to the stage tomorrow night in Philadelphia. Head to Live For Live Music for more from Oteil.

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