Courtney Barnett Shares New Song ‘Everybody Here Hates You’


Courtney Barnett shared a new single entitled “Everybody Here Hates You.” The guitarist illustrated the artwork accompanying the new song.

Here’s Barnett’s note accompanying the new track:

hey how are you? i have a new song out today called “Everybody Here Hates You.” I started writing it in May 2017 at my freezing cold warehouse on an out-of-tune and unplugged Fender Stratocaster with rusty strings. It was from the paranoid pile of Tell Me How You Really Feel but the lyrics didn’t get finished in time to make the album. to be honest the words felt too vulnerable n I didn’t want anybody to hear them. When I finally found the chorus, I decided to record it with my band in September 2018. Bones Sloane played bass, Dave Mudie played drums, Dan Luscombe lay on the carpet and played the organ. They all sung wonderful backing vocals.

it’s available now in all the usual places, you can find it here hope you like it and thank you for your support, love ya xo

ps. everybody here does not hate you. please reach out to somebody you trust or google your nearest mental health support lifeline if you need to talk to someone x

Stream “Everybody Here Hates You” below:

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