Counting Crows & DMB Cover Friend Of The Devil

As we reported the Dave Matthews Band debuted a cover of “Friend Of The Devil” with Bela Fleck last night at SPAC, but they weren’t the only band who had a tribute to the Grateful Dead in store. Counting Crows also covered “Friend Of The Devil” last night at their show in Rome just hours before the tune was played at the second night of Fare Thee Well in Chicago.

Counting Crows dusted off the rarely played cover at Rome’s Auditorium Parco della Musica. Watch the band’s beautiful rendition of “Friend Of The Devil” as shot by Pino Casale:

Here’s the best video of DMB & Bela’s “Friend Of The Devil” to surface thus far thanks to IUalum2001:

Watch our own tribute to 50 years of Grateful Dead, the Songs Of Their Own video series which concluded with a star-studded version of “Ripple”: