Brandi Carlile Wants To Front Soundgarden

Watch highlights from Carlile's recent appearance on 'The Howard Stern Show,' including performances of her own "Right On Time" and the Elton John cover "Madman Across The Water."

By Scott Bernstein Oct 7, 2021 8:18 am PDT

Brandi Carlile returned to SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern Show on Tuesday, where she performed a few songs and discussed a variety of topics, including how she would love to front Soundgarden. Carlile has collaborated with the surviving members of the band a number of times in recent years and is open to doing much more with Kim Thayil, Matt Cameron and Ben Shepherd.

“I wasn’t trying to be presumptuous,” Brandi said when host Howard Stern brought up Carlile’s recent interview with Rolling Stone in which she revealed she’d make time to tour with Soundgarden. “I loved Soundgarden so much, and I loved Chris Cornell, and I love Kim and Matt and Ben,” Carlile added. “I feel so connected with them, you know, just being from Seattle, and every time I sing with them—and the twins (bassist Phil Hanseroth and guitarist Tim Hanseroth) come and play in the band, too—it just feels like heaven. It just clicks. I just hope we can do more someday, is all.”

Brandi and “The Twins” first collaborated with the remaining members of Soundgarden at an all-star Chris Cornell tribute concert held in January 2019. Carlile and her longtime bandmates performed with Thayil, Cameron, Shepherd and Peter Frampton on Soundgarden classic “Black Hole Sun” that night. Brandi took over after an artist tapped to sing the song bailed. “I have a feeling it was Axl Rose,” Carlile revealed.

“I don’t know what happened [with Axl]. All I know is I got asked to do it,” Brandi told Stern and noted she wanted “The Twins” to sing on the chorus. “I just knew they’d get such a thrill out of being on stage with those fellas, and we stayed up until 4 o’clock in the morning that night thinking that nothing was ever going to get better in our careers than that moment.” Brandi went on to record two Soundgarden classics with “The Twins,” Thayil, Cameron and Shepherd for a Record Store Day release and recently performed at The Gorge and at the Ohana Fests with the musicians. Carlile said the surviving Soundgarden members are “totally” open to performing with her again. “We get together and it never ends,” Brandi added.

Brandi, who last appeared on The Howard Stern Show in 2018, teamed with her band for a performance of “Right On Time” from her recently released In These Silent Days album on Tuesday’s Stern Show. Carlile also led the group through a cover of Elton John’s “Madman Across The Water.” Other topics Brandi discussed with Howard Stern included what she learned from Bonnie Raitt, busking with Dave Grohl in 2019, what she thinks are the five best songs ever written and her friendship with Elton John.

Watch Carlile discuss collaborating with Soundgarden, perform “Right On Time” and “Madman Across The Water” and more from Brandi’s appearance on The Howard Stern Show:

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