Arcade Fire & Preservation Hall Jazz Band Host David Bowie Second Line Parade


Arcade Fire and renowned New Orleans ensemble Preservation Hall Jazz Band honored David Bowie with a traditional second line parade on Saturday. The traditional NOLA jazz funeral and celebration was attended by thousands of fans who were instructed to “dress in your best Bowie outfit or something more strange.”

The “Pretty Things” second line began at Preservation Hall and made its way through the streets of New Orleans’ French Quarter, culminating at One Eyed Jack’s. Arcade Fire’s megaphone-wielding Win Butler led the assembled through renditions of Bowie classics like “Heroes,” “Rebel Rebel,” “Fame,” “Suffragette City” and “Oh! You Pretty Things.” Below are crowd-shot videos of highlights from the second line, with a recap video included as well.

[Heroes | captured by ezralite23]

[Rebel Rebel & Fame | captured by Monkey Man]

[Suffragette City | captured by Monkey Man]

[Oh! You Pretty Things | captured by westhampton00]

[David Bowie Second Line Recap | posted by Todd Perley]

In recent years Arcade Fire collaborated with Bowie on several occasions, including his contributing to their 2013 album Reflektor. The band shared the following note after getting word of Bowie’s death.

Preservation Hall Jazz Band also shared their condolences via social media.

There are few artists who have penetrated my soul as deeply as David Bowie… His music hit me in my youth at a moment when I was a sponge. Hearing sounds and words and seeing images for the first time. And there was David Bowie, in all of his splendid color and joy. Having the time of his life turning the world upside down. Shaking us up like a snow globe. What is he? Who is he? Where is he from? What is he doing? I started a journey into Bowie that never ended. This week I sat and watched Lazarus with my mouth opened in disbelief. Once again, he forged a new path. He opened another new door. He made me see world differently. Bowie is singular. He is among the greats. Bowie is beyond music…. -Jaffe