Yonder Mountain String Band at Headliners Music Hall



  • Yonder Mountain String Band


    Set 1
    • Train Bound for Glory Land  
    • Fingerprint
    • Troubled Mind
    • Big Spike Hammer  
    • Kentucky Mandolin  
    • Yes She Do (No She Don't)  
    • Rambler's Anthem
    • Night Is Left Behind
    • Rag Doll
    • I'll Never Love Anybody But You
    • Counter Reaction
    • Up on the Hill Where They Do the Boogie  
    • Raleigh and Spencer  
    Set 2
    • No Expectations  
    • Don't You Lean on Me
    • Life's Too Short  
    • I'd Like Off
    • Fastball
    • Two Hits and the Joint Turned Brown  
    • Old Plank Road  
    • How 'Bout You?
    • Fine Excuses
    • Town
    • Red Rocking Chair  
    • Elzic's Farewell  
    • Traffic Jam
    • Looking Back Over My Shoulder
    • Traffic Jam  
    • At the End of the Day
    • Let Me Fall


Map for Headliners Music Hall

Headliners Music Hall

  • 1386 Lexington Road
  • Louisville, KY 40206
  • United States

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