Yola Shares ‘Starlight’ Single

"Starlight" appears on Yola's sophomore studio album, 'Stand For Myself,' due out on July 30.

By Scott Bernstein Jul 1, 2021 8:36 am PDT

Yola celebrates sex positivity with her new latest Stand For Myself single “Starlight” and its accompanying video directed by Ford Fairchild. The singer-songwriter’s sophomore full-length studio album arrives via Easy Eye Sound on July 30.

Dan Auerbach produced Stand For Myself, the same role he held for Yola’s 2019 debut full-length LP, Walk Through Fire. Yola previously previewed the 12-track release, which was recorded last fall in Nashville, by sharing its title track and lead single “Diamond Studded Shoes.”

Yola co-wrote “Starlight” with Dan Auerbach and Bobby Wood. She was backed on the track by Auerbach, Wood, percussionist Sam Bacco, guitarists Billy Sanford, Russ Pahl and Tom Bukovac, backing vocalist Ashley Wilcoxson, bassist Nick Movshon, drummer Aaron Frazer as well as multi-instrumentalists Mike Rojas and Ray Jacildo. Strings were provided by Matt Combs.

“‘Starlight’ is a song about looking for positive physical, sexual and human connections at every level of your journey towards love,” Yola explained. “The world seems to attach a negative trope of cold heartlessness to the concept of any sexual connection that isn’t marriage, this song looks through a lens of warmth specifically when it comes to sex positivity. Understanding the necessity of every stage of connection and that it is possible for every stage of your journey in love, sex and connection to be nurturing.”

“I wanted to put something into the world that showed people what my dating life is like now. I’m currently single, yes, but I’m not neglected or some soulless sex robot,” the singer-songwriter added regarding the video. “The volume of media dedicated to showing dark skinned Black women having a nice normal time in romantic situations, be it true love or just dating, is still lacking in my opinion.”

Watch Yola’s “Starlight” video below:

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