The Wood Brothers Share ‘Ophelia’ Cover Off New Live Album


Earlier this year on August 19 The Wood Brothers played the intimate confines of Levon Helm Studios in Woodstock, New York. The Wood Brothers thought so much of their performance, it forms the basis of the group’s new live album, Live At The Barn.

The Wood Brothers will release the nine-track Live At The Barn on January 13. Today, Rolling Stone has premiered the group’s cover of “Ophelia” by The Band that closes Live At The Barn. “We’re huge fans of Levon’s and count him as a big influence,” said Oliver Wood, who named his son for Helm. “Since we actually got to know him, his influence was more than musical—it was personal. He was one of those unique and powerful personalities, and I’ll always remember how gracious he was. We also got to know Levon’s daughter Amy quite well and have had great tours and collaborations with her. She’s a beautiful soul just like her dad, and we have fond memories of playing with both of them in that barn.”

Listen to “Ophelia” off Live At The Barn via Rolling Stone:

Live At The Barn Tracklist

  1. Mary Anna
  2. I Got Loaded
  3. Tried And Tempted
  4. Trouble In Mind
  5. Who The Devil
  6. Wastin’ My Mind
  7. Postcards From Hell
  8. Honey Jar
  9. Ophelia
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