Willie Nelson Talks ‘On The Road Again’ & Frank Sinatra Album On ‘Sunday Today With Willie Geist’


Willie Nelson appeared on NBC’s Sunday Today With Willie Geist yesterday. The iconic artist talked about writing “On The Road Again,” his upcoming Frank Sinatra tribute, That's Life, and more.

There aren’t many musicians who’ve had longer or more successful careers than Willie. The remote Sunday Sitdown discussion saw Nelson talking about what he sees as his first performance, reading a poem as a schoolboy in Texas when he was five, even at an early age showcasing that legendary Willie wit. “My poem was, ‘What are you looking at me for? I ain’t got nothing to say. If you don’t like the looks of me, look the other way.’”

Willie also talked about his first musical performance and how he made eight dollars, which beat working the fields, and he confirms a legend about perhaps his most well-known song, “On The Road Again.” He also discusses singing “Crazy” for Patsy Cline and his friendship with Frank Sinatra as well as his homage albums to the latter singer. In a segue about Sinatra’s song “My Way” (the title to Nelson’s first Sinatra tribute album), Nelson stated that he didn’t have any regrets, but there was a night in Vegas after a gig where Willie says he wished he would have stayed and hung out with Frank.

Watch Willie Nelson’s entire Sunday Sitdown interview below:

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