Weekly RecommNeds | Brendan Canning, Kozelek And Lavalle

Brendan CanningYou Gots 2 Chill

Toronto indie all-star, Brendan Canning is probably best known as a founding member and bass player of the Broken Social Scene, so you might expect his most recent solo effort to befit an anchor for that big, loud, in-your-face sound. Not so fast! Opening with a gorgeous acoustic guitar instrumental, “Post Fahey,” You Gots 2 Chill is full of beautiful songwriting, delicate grooves and subtle musicianship. This is lazy, laid-back listening of the highest caliber, for when you’ve gots to chill, naturally.

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Mark Kozelek & Jimmy Lavalle Perils From The Sea

By my count, Mark Kozelek, from Sun Kil Moon et al., has at least 3 albums out in 2013, featuring different collaborations of one sort or another. They’re all pretty great listens, but if I had to pick one for you to test-drive, it’d be Perils From the Sea recorded with Album Leaf multi-instrumentalist Jimmy Lavalle. The album pits Kozelek’s prolific songwriting/storytelling with hypnotic lo-fi sound to create a dreamy, how-long-did-I-zone-out-on-this? feel. The trick is Kozelek’s lyrics: stream-of-consciousness paired with realism and simplicity that has you hanging on each line of verse. My personal favorites are “Ceiling Gazing,” which perfectly traces the way your mind just wanders, and “You Missed My Heart” a uniquely tragic tale of heartbreak. But there’s plenty more to love in there.

RDIO: Mark Kozelek & Jimmy Lavalle -Perils from the Sea

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Written By: Aaron Stein