Vinylly Dating App: Musical Matchmaking

Learn more about the first-of-its-kind dating app for music fans in search of love.

By Team JamBase Aug 13, 2021 3:16 pm PDT

Vinylly is a dating app based on music compatibility. Vinylly takes into account a user’s streaming music data plus their music habits to find matches.

Vinylly has the ability to match people on a deep level through something powerful that they share. Unlike other dating platforms, the Vinylly process begins with users pairing their Spotify accounts with their profile, taking first impressions beyond the superficial likes or potentially misleading bios.

Swiping right or left is too simple, answering a 347-question survey is too much, and neither one brings you any closer to making a true connection. Vinylly learns to understand you by learning about the music you love – and in doing so, puts the needle on true compatibility.

With Vinylly, users just listen to music as they normally do. Vinylly is an inclusive app and matches users through analysis of their streaming history, how they listen to music and a few other questions to round out the role music plays in their lives. It’s a brilliantly simple kind of experience and it’s free. Vinylly was recently recognized by Mashable as one of the “8 dating apps that are bucking against Tinder’s model.”

“I connected with music from a young age — initially it was me listening to music loudly in my room to defy my parents and then, as I got a little older, it was realizing how much I enjoyed discovering bands and then which bands influenced those bands and so on,” said Vinylly founder Rachel Van Nortwick in a statement to NYLON. “Today, when I see live music, the connection I feel with those around me is palpable.”

As a user streams more music, the algorithm responds and Vinylly produces new matches. Users can also listen to their matches’ recent songs and playlists, and discover new music that way.

In addition to music preferences, potential matches are also connected based on proximity and other dating categories. Keeping to the platform’s theme, bios showcase a variety of music-related fields — ranging from past music purchases to concert habits.

As users continue to social distance, Vinylly provides access in the chat function to suggest livestream concerts for its users to attend as well as live concerts when they return. This gives connected users a variety of custom-tailored, music-inspired date ideas to stream — adding safe and socially distant options to the current dating scene.

Vinylly is available for both iOS and Android users. Click here to download.

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