Unknown Mortal Orchestra Go ‘Meshuggah’ On Latest Single

Hear the track off UMO’s first double LP, V, which arrives on Friday.

By Nate Todd Mar 14, 2023 1:09 pm PDT

Unknown Mortal Orchestra shared a new single, “Meshuggah.” The track will appear on UMO’s upcoming album, V, arriving this Friday, March 17 via JagJaguwar.

UMO leader Ruban Nielson began rolling out V in June 2021 with the single “Weekend Run.” In October 2022, Ruban released “I Killed Captain Cook” ahead of the official V — UMO’s first double LP — announcement in February. Nielson followed with “Nadja” and now shares “Meshuggah,” which is a Yiddish word meaning insane or crazy.

Press materials for V gave some background on the new single:

When [Nielson] recorded his third album Multi-Love, Ruban incorporated disco elements into the lo-fi funk-rock dreamscapes of his first two records. Coming from a punk background where the slogan “disco sucks” had been casually thrown around, he found a subversive glee in flipping the script. On V, you can hear a continuation of this impulse in the arid disco-funk of ‘Meshuggah’. “There are two kinds of musical taste, constructed and instinctual,” Ruban said. “Taste as clout is dangerous to art, in my opinion. Then, there’s music that will send a shiver down your spine. You didn’t ask for that shiver. It just happens.”

Listen to “Meshuggah” below:

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