Watch Umphrey’s McGee Make Full Use Of The Riv For ‘Kielbasa’ Bust Out At UMBowl IX Night 2

The rare Tenacious D cover came after "Raw Stewage," "Choose Your Adventure" and "Band's Choice" sets in Chicago.

By Scott Bernstein Nov 14, 2022 12:15 pm PST

A special moment during a weekend filled with them came to start the encore of Umphrey’s McGee‘s second of two UMBowl IX concerts in Chicago on Saturday. The band took advantage of The Riviera Theatre’s balcony to get the evening’s encore underway with a rare Tenacious D cover.

Guitarists Brendan Bayliss and Jake Cinninger assembled on one of the venue’s side balconies with acoustic guitars in hand following the third set on Saturday. Bayliss and Cinninger worked through the beginning of Jack Black and Kyle Gass’ “Kielbasa” unplugged, marking the first performance of the song at an UM concert since March 4, 2017 — a span of 413 shows. Jake and Brendan’s bandmates began playing the song on the stage towards the middle of the tune, at which point the guitarists headed to their usual spots and grabbed electrics.

Check out footage video of Saturday’s wild “Kielbasa” bust out captured by Must Have Media below:

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Saturday’s UMBowl IX finale featured three sets, each with a different theme. Up first was “Raw Stewage” in which the band debuted five songs birthed out of past “Jimmy Stewart” improvisations as voted on by fans. Umphrey’s weaved together jams from “Steppin’ Razor” (July 2, 2011), “E.T.I.” (May 5, 2007) and “Higgins” (April 1, 2014) to create opener “Wide Open.” Keyboardist Joel Cummins provided both the intro and outro for the second premiere, “Exit Signs.” Bayliss then told the audience it was his son, Jackson Bayliss’ birthday. Later, fans would sing “Happy Birthday To You” in the nine-year-old’s honor.

Umphrey’s continued the “Raw Stewage” set with their first “Things I’d Like To Lose,” a song birthed out of past jams on “2×2,” “Mantis” and more. The longest tune of the night, “Unevolved,” came next. Timing out just before the 26-minute mark, the expansive tune incorporated segments from improv emerging out of “Push The Pig” (July 23, 2017), “In The Kitchen” (November 1, 2012), “Dump City” (March 15, 2007) and “Bridgeless” (April 14, 2007). UM capped “Raw Stewage” by unveiling “Out Of Focus.” Watch pro-shot video of the song featuring elements of six past jams below:

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Umphrey’s McGee (See 791 videos)

The penultimate set of UMBowl IX was a “Choose Your Own Adventure” affair. Options for fans to vote on were displayed behind the band at various points of the set. Umphrey’s launched the frame with “Last Man Swerving,” which won out over “August” and “White Man’s Moccasins.” The “Last Man Swerving” opener bled into a well-jammed “Small Strides” before members of the band shared memories of late founding drummer Mike Mirro. The latter was picked by attendees for “Story Time” over “Leave Me Las Vegas Tales” and “Stasik Ambien Antics.” Next came “Pay The Snucka,” an oldie that bested “The Fuzz” and “FF” to represent UM’s 1998 – 2001 era.

“Althea” got the call in “Songs We Wish We Wrote” voting, as the band played the Grateful Dead cover for fourth time. From there, “Wappy Sprayberry” was played for the “Dance Yam” selection over “The Triple Wide” and “Day Nurse.” Umphrey’s went on to end the set with “Slacker” by way of the “Bayliss Solo Du Jour” tally.

Umphrey’s McGee delivered a “Band’s Choice” stanza for their third and final set on Saturday. The frame started with a 25-minute pairing of “The Silent Type” and “Speak Up.” Then, “Bridgeless” bookended the rest of the set with “The Floor” and “Escape Goat” played within. After dusting off “Kielbasa” to kick off the encore, UM said farewell with beloved instrumental “The Triple Wide.”

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Setlist (via All Things Umphrey’s)

Set One: Wide Open[1], Exit Signs[1], Things I’d Like To Lose[1], Unevolved[1], Out of Focus[1]

Set Two: Last Man Swerving > Small Strides, “Mirro Memories”, Pay the Snucka, Althea, Wappy Sprayberry > Slacker

Set Three: The Silent Type, Speak Up > Bridgeless > The Floor, Escape Goat > Bridgeless

Encore: Kielbasa[2], The Triple Wide[3]


  • [1] debut, original
  • [2] with Brendan and Jake on acoustics from a balcony, before joining the band on stage (on electrics)
  • [3] with Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin) tease

first set was Raw Stewage, comprised of attendees’ votes for past “Jimmy Stewarts”: Wide Open [2011-07-02 Steppin’ Razor + 2007-05-05 E.T.I. + 2014-04-01 Higgins], Exit Signs [2006-02-24 Visions + 2014-10-25 Nemo + 2006-11-08 Kabump], Things I’d Like To Lose [2011-02-04 2×2 + 2021-08-05 Mantis + 2011-05 Things I’d Like To Lose], Unevolved [2017-07-23 Push the Pig + 2012-11-01 In The Kitchen + 2007-03-15 Dump City + 2007-04-14 Bridgeless], Out of Focus [2015-04-23 1348 + 2017-05-27 1348 + 2013-10-18 Great American + 2007-06-28 Blue Echo + 2011-07-02 Steppin’ Razor + 2014-05 Little Kids]

second set was “choose your own adventure,” with attendees voting for the next “adventure” live: August, White Man’s Moccasins, or Last Man Swerving; Asking For A Friend: Fenced In (JO), Small Strides (JO), or Always October (JO); Story Time: Leave Me Las Vegas Tales, Stasik Ambien Antics, or Mirro Memories; ’98—’01: The Fuzz, FF, or Pay the Snucka; Songs we wish we wrote: The Song Remains the Same, Where Is My Mind?, or Althea; Dance Yam: The Triple Wide >, Wappy Sprayberry >, Day Nurse (JO); Bayliss solo du jour: Slacker, 40’s Theme, or 2nd Self (JO)

third set was “Band’s Choice”

last Kielbasa 2017-03-04 (413 shows)

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