Umphrey’s McGee’s Joel Cummins Covers Radiohead, Van Halen & More For ‘Friday Night Keys’


Umphrey’s McGee keyboardist Joel Cummins resumed his Friday Night Keys series yesterday. Cummins delivered covers from Radiohead, Van Halen and more for the livestream benefitting the UM crew.

Cummins kicked things off with some synth stylings before heading into a classical piece by Frédéric Chopin: “Étude in E maj., Op. 10, No. 3.” Joel then addressed the internet audience and remarked about having his Telefunken mic from the road. The keyboardist then got into a great piano-driven song, The Who’s “Drowned” off their landmark second rock opera Quadrophenia, on which Joel did his first singing of the night. “Drowned” then segued into UM’s “Gulf Stream,” which featured Joel on some spooky synth sounds, before singing The Band classic “Ophelia,” which contained a nice bit of melodic soloing. Cummins remarked that he always thinks of Thanksgiving along with The Band’s Last Waltz before telling a humorous story about watching the Martin Scorsese concert film on the Umphrey’s bus.

Cummins then delivered some classic Umphrey’s with “Kimble” before heading into Radiohead’s synth heavy song “Meeting In The Aisle” (from the UK band’s landmark 1997 album, Ok Computer) ahead of a return to “Kimble.” Cummins kept the vintage UM rolling with “The Fussy Dutchmen.” Joel then gave a shout out to the late great Eddie Van Halen before performing Van Halen’s “Right Now,” which headed into Umphrey’s “Den.” Another cover came in the form of Modest Mouse’s “Float On” ahead of a heavy synth jam. Joel closed out Friday Night Keys by singing a relatively new UM song, “Seasons” (usually sung by guitarist Brendan Bayliss) from the band’s 2018 album it’s you. Joel would include the coda of the classic “All In Time” to bring the stream to its conclusion.

Watch Joel Cummins’ entire November 27 Friday Night Keys session below:

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Setlist (via Jeremy Welsh)

Set: Improv > Étude in E maj., Op. 10, No. 3, Drowned > Gulf Stream > Ophelia, Kimble > Meeting In The Aisle > Kimble, The Fussy Dutchman, Right Now > Den, Float On > Jam > Seasons > All In Time Coda

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