Twiddle & Midnight North Swap Guest Spots At Tree Of Life Benefit Concert In Fairfield

By Scott Bernstein Feb 23, 2018 7:33 am PST

The Warehouse @ FTC in Fairfield, Connecticut hosted a Tree Of Life benefit concert on Thursday night featuring Midnight North and Twiddle. Each act offered a set that saw members of the other band sit-in at select points.

Twiddle and Midnight North shared bills a number of times last year and became pals. MN took the stage first on Thursday and played a set that focused mostly on originals, but also contained a Grahame Lesh-sung cover of The Band’s “The Shape I’m In.” Mihali Savoulidis of Twiddle emerged towards the end of the set to help out on “Greene County,” “Miss M” and “Under The Lights.”

Savoulidis & Co. closed out the night with a two-hour performance. Twiddle opened with a lengthy “White Light” sequence that saw the quartet work “Atlantic Mocean” and a cover of ALO’s “Barbecue” within. Later in the set, the foursome delivered a well-jammed take “Gatsby The Great” that saw the band dive in and out of “Zasu’s Flight.” Mihali then introduced his guitar teacher Steve Girardi, who added to “Mamunes The Faun.”

Midnight North’s Alex Jordan went on to join Twiddle for a rousing “Latin Tang” set-closer. At one point during the song, guitarist Wiley Griffin took over on guitar for Mihali. Twiddle began the encore with Grahame Lesh on guitar for “Subconscious Prelude.” For the finale, Twiddle welcomed Midnight North to share the stage on a cover of Jimmy Cliff’s “The Harder They Come.”

Watch video of Twiddle’s set captured by Michael Liacos:

Here’s footage of the Midnight North set thanks to Michael Buzzeo:

Check out a different angle for the sequence that opened the Twiddle set captured by William Corcoran:

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