Turkuaz Shares In-Studio ‘Nightswimming’ Video


Turkuaz shared an in-studio video for “Nightswimming.” The visual comes in celebration of the five-year anniversary of the Brooklyn funk outfit’s 2015 album, Digitonium.

The video for “Nightswimming follows a similar look at the band recording Digitonium’s title track. Both videos give fans an intimate look into the inner-workings of the band. To track “Nightswimming,” the band headed to More Sound Recording Studios in Syracuse, New York. The song features vocalist Shane Grace Allen, also known as Danke, and Nate Werth on percussion. Jason “Jocko” Randall mixed the album while Chris Athens handled mastering.

Frontman Dave Brandwein produced the track and also detailed the tune in a statement. Read his words below:

“Nightswimming” was born out of two demos that Taylor and I each made individually. They were in the same key with the same tempo and feel. We started to wonder if we could combine them and as it turns out, we could! So what you hear is my original riff (the synth line that begins the song), with Taylor’s bass riff coming in over it. They weave and bob around each other in a very cool way that I think gives the song its unique feel.

Nightswimming became the very first vocal track to be put together on the record. After the first take, I’ll never forget when Jocko chimed in through my headphones saying, “Alright, there’s definitely a vibe going on in there.” That was inspiring to hear right at the top of the process, and from then on, the rest of the album just clicked together. It’s no surprise that this is one of the fan favorites from Digitonium. It’s one of our favorites too!

Watch the in-studio video for “Nightswimming” below:

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