Trey Anastasio Guests With Dave Matthews Band In 2001


On May 19, 2001 the Dave Matthews Band brought their Spring/Summer Tour to the one-year-old Pacific Bell Park in San Francisco for the second of two consecutive shows at the home of the Giants which is now known as AT&T Park. Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio emerged in the middle of DMB’s set for his first sit-in with the band in over six years.

Trey added to an extended version of “Lie In Our Graves,” one of the band’s earliest songs. Anastasio goes toe-to-toe with DMB fiddle player Boyd Tinsley for a scorching call-and-response segment during the 17+ minute rendition of the Crash track before delivering a beautiful guitar solo. Videographer ChesterCopperpot5 has just uploaded the best footage of the sit-in to surface thus far on YouTube. The new clip features crystal-clear audio and a perfect sync job. While it’s still fan-shot video and there are occasional heads that get in the way of the action, it’s well worth checking out:

In other Dave Matthews Band news, the group has announced they will return to the one long set format this summer after two years of playing a pair of sets (one acoustic and one electric) each night. The band also revealed there will not be any opening acts for the tour with the exception of three Labor Day Weekend shows at The Gorge in Washington.

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