Trey Anastasio Band & Goose Unite For Frenetic ‘Suzy Greenberg’ Finale Near Pittsburgh

Trey also came out during the end of Goose’s set for another extensive collaboration.

By Andy Kahn Nov 16, 2022 8:51 am PST

Trey Anastasio Band and Goose are making the most of their joint tour by delivering memorable collaborations during each band’s set. That trend continued on Tuesday night at the concert held at UPMC Events Center in Carnot-Moon, Pennsylvania, just outside of Pittsburgh.

Goose was up first and once again guitarist Trey Anastasio emerged toward the end of their set for a lengthy sit-in. Prior to that, Goose began their set with the playful “Butter Rum” taking the sweet opener out for several nicely-jammed minutes. Another healthy dose of improvisation followed within the subsequent “Creatures.” Guitarist Rick Mitarotonda steered a seamless segue into the atmospheric “Moby,” as bassist Trevor Weekz laid into the low end on the instrumental that was played for just the 12th time.

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Next up was “All I Need” featuring Peter Anspach deftly switching between guitar and his arsenal of keyboards. The band showed their fun and funky side with the following “Yeti” which went unfinished before transitioning into the rarely performed cover “Get The Funk Out Ma Face,” marking the sixth Goose offering of the Brothers Johnson song.

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“We’d like to invite our pal Trey Anastasio up to the stage to play some music,” Anspach told the crowd as the guest guitarist came on for the remainder of the set.

“This Old Sea,” another infrequently played original, saw Rick and Trey sharing vocals during the song’s slower opening sequence. The two guitarists were soon layering melodic runs, intertwining their guitar tones while volleying back and forth as Anspach embellished on piano and Weekz, drummer Ben Atkind and percussionist Jeff Arevalo established a substantial foundation. The jam took a funky turn as the tempo picked up and the intensity heightened. The two guitarists dug into a blistering dog-fight exchange as the energy level soared to a frenzied peak.

The set closer was “The Empress Of Organos,” which Anastasio previously accompanied Goose on in June at Radio City Music Hall. The guest guitarist traded licks with Anspach on piano before heading into more explosive interplay between Trey and Rick. The pair of guitarists stayed steadily in the rock realm, charging hard toward another climatic resolution. Trey was ready for the return to the song’s composed ending, hitting all of the changes as the set came to an end.

After the stage was changed over during the set break, the Trey Anastasio Band came out for their set. Tuesday’s concert saw saxophonist Kenneth Whalum filling in for James Casey while the latter received treatment for colon cancer (Casey is expected back for Thursday’s show). TAB opened with the reassuring “Everything’s Right” which prominently featured trombonist Natalie Cressman as well as gave Whalum a chance to shine. The spicy instrumental “Mozambique” trailed the opener and showcased trumpeter Jennifer Hartswick as well as a roaming Cressman. Longtime Phish favorite, “Camel Walk,” which gets a bit of a sped-up arrangement with TAB, was filled with keyboardist Ray Paczkowski’s funky tones and was another display of Whalum’s sax playing.

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Two songs with long tenures in the TAB repertoire, “Cayman Review” and “Alive Again,” kept the set moving along with their rhythmic propulsion provided by drummer Russ Lawton, bassist Dezron Douglas and percussionist Cyro Baptista. The newer reggae-tinged “Love Is What We Are” brought a chill vibe to the arena. TAB then turned in a rousing “Gotta Jibboo,” propagating it with a lively jam. “Olivia” saw Baptista employing a cuíca drum while dueling with the horn section.

“Ghost” became an example of the band’s ability to interact with each other, as the jam twisted and turned with everyone in lockstep together. Once again pulling from long-played TAB originals, “Simple Twist Up Dave,” “Money, Love and Change,” and “Push On ‘Til The Day,” filled in the rest of the set, with newcomer “hey stranger” coming between “Simple Twist Up Dave” and “Money, Love And Change.”

Anastasio then welcomed back Mitarotonda and Anspach and asked the crowd to send a “big ball of energy” to Casey while he received treatment. Though the guests apparently did not know until Trey started it, the final song of the set was the TAB/Phish crossover “Sand.” More explosive playing developed during the “Sand” jam, as Mitarotonda answered Anastasio’s lead play with expressive and complementary licks of his own. Anspach joined Paczkowski in keyboard world as the set closer brought a vigorous end to the TAB set.

Anastasio went solo at the onset of the encore, playing an acoustic version of “More.” Trey then offered a solo acoustic take on “Backwards Down the Number Line,” laughing through some issues remembering the lyrics and getting an assist from the audience.

The finale was “Suzy Greenberg” as all of the members of both TAB and Goose came back out to punctuate the collaborative evening. Before “Suzy,” Trey surveyed the musicians on stage to see if they were having fun and the horn section invited the members of Goose to join them to help balance out the stage. Anspach handled the ad-libbed lyrics usually sung by Phish drummer Jon Fishman as smiles were seen all across the stage. At one point, nearly all the musicians onstage — including Trey — were playing some sort of percussion instrument. Augmented by the horn section, the song came to a joyful conclusion, bringing an end to the fun-filled night.

Goose and Trey Anastasio Band’s tour continues Thursday in Fairfax, Virginia. Livestreams are available for purchase via Watch fan-shot video of last night’s “Suzy Greenberg” below:

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Trey Anastasio Band (via

Set: Everything’s Right, Mozambique, Camel Walk, Cayman Review, Alive Again, Love Is What We Are, Gotta Jibboo, Olivia, Ghost, Simple Twist Up Dave, Hey Stranger, Money, Love and Change, Push On ‘Til the Day, Sand [1]

Encore: More [2], Backwards Down the Number Line[2], Suzy Greenberg [3]


  • [1] Peter Anspach on keys and Rick Mitarotonda on guitar.
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  • [3] Peter Anspach on keys and vocals, and Rick Mitarotonda on guitar and vocals, and Jeff Arevalo, Ben Atkind, and Trevor Weekz on percussion.

Goose (via

Set: Butter Rum, Creatures -> Moby > All I Need, Yeti[1] -> Get The Funk Out Ma Face[2], This Old Sea[3] > The Empress Of Organos[4]


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