Tractorbeam | Colorado | Pics

Images by: Jesse Borrell

Tractorbeam :: 09.18.10 :: Mishawaka Amphitheater :: Bellvue, CO

Often to get a good tractorbeam going one needs to reverse the deflector dish and rewire the plasma array, but another option is for The Disco Biscuits to get off the mic and into their instrumental guise Tractorbeam. This self-described “lyricless Bisco explosion” hit Colorado last month and Mr. Borrell was kind enough to take some pictures of the Beam and that other Bisco alter-ego Conspirator.

Spraypaint > On Time (1) > Tricycle > Bombs > Portal To An Empty Head (2) > Papercut > Caterpillar > Sweating Bullets > Feeling Twisted > Cyclone > Spraypaint
E: Neck Romancer

1 = reprise
2 = inverted

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