The Disco Biscuits’ Jon Gutwillig Welcomes Allen Aucoin On ‘Touchdowns All Day’ Podcast

By Scott Bernstein May 21, 2020 8:36 am PDT

The Disco Biscuits guitarist Jon Gutwillig interviewed his band mate, drummer Allen Aucoin for the Osiris podcast Touchdowns All Day. Aucoin’s chat with Jon “Barber” Gutwillig is spread out on to two installments of the podcast, Episodes 29 & 30.

Allen’s appearance in Episode 29 starts around the 31-minute mark with a discussion of his Cajun roots and the pronunciation of his last name. The drummer grew up in a military family and spent three years living in Germany. Aucoin talks about that experience, all the different places he lived as his dad moved through the ranks and how he first wanted to join the U.S. Army Special Forces through the time he was 18. Allen then recalls his start and development as a drummer as well as his early influences. He shares advice for fellow musicians including “don’t rush,” “listen” and add “whatever I can do to make the band sound better.” Additional topics hit upon in Episode 29 are meditation, what he’s singing (to himself) during tDB shows and the rudiments of drumming.

The conversation between Allen Aucoin and Jon “Barber” Gutwillig continues in Episode 30 at the 39-minute mark. Aucoin reveals the hardest the Disco Biscuits song for him to play to kick off the second half of the chat. He then discusses the importance of dynamics to tDB’s sound. Aucoin goes on to describe his kit, including his unique e-drums setup. Allen reveals he has cameras within his drums at home which help with the drum lessons he’s giving during the COVID-19 pandemic via Live Lesson Masters. The drummer also talks about the advantages of being ambidextrous, his excitement to return to the road, how being an asthmatic makes the coronavirus even scarier, the story of why he missed the quartet’s 2009 – 2010 New Year’s Run and more.

Stream both episodes below:

Part One

Part Two

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