Tom Marshall Discusses The Meaning Of Lyrics To 5 Phish Songs

By Scott Bernstein Apr 29, 2019 11:46 am PDT

The latest episode of the Osiris network podcast Under The Scales features host Tom Marshall discussing the meaning of lyrics to five Phish songs. Marshall is joined on the installment by co-hosts RJ Bee and Stephen “Tebo” Thomas.

Tom, RJ and Tebo dive into the genesis and content of “Wading In The Velvet Sea,” “Blaze On,” “Horn,” “Bug” and “Lifeboy” over the course of the hour-plus episode. First, the trio share their thoughts on Trey Anastasio‘s recently completed Ghosts Of The Forest tour. Then, the hosts talk about “Blaze On,” which Tom and Trey wrote in North Carolina, with Marshall unveiling some of the demo for the Big Boat track. Next, Tom discusses “Wading In The Velvet Sea” and plays the original version of the tune.

A number of Under The Scales listeners asked Marshall to detail Hoist track “Lifeboy.” As part of the ensuing discussion, Tom reveals he wrote the song with Trey while Anastasio was in Tortola. The guitarist used a pay phone to communicate with Tom to work on the tune from 1994’s Hoist. A chat detailing the making of “Bug,” which nearly was left unfinished by Tom and Trey due to the time involved in penning the lyrics, follows. Finally, the hosts spend time talking “Horn,” a song that appeared on Phish’s 1993 studio album Rift. Listen to the 51st episode of Under The Scales below:

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