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  • S3E5: Hoist The Banner

    At the end of the 13 show Baker’s Dozen, a run filled with jams, bustouts, debut covers, and zero repeats, Phish was awarded a banner to commemorate the event that would hang in the rafters of MSG among legendary sports achievements. And yet, like with the best moments in Phish history, the band didn’t simply…

  • S3E4: Jam Filled

    When they returned from the hiatus in 2009, it took time for the band to regain their fluid improvisation. Over the next four years, they worked to strengthen their onstage communication, refine their approach, and ultimately reignite their jamming in 2012. From there, they began experimenting and taking risks, and by the time they reached…

  • S3E3: Setlists

    For as long as Phish fans have gathered to discuss and debate the band, the band’s setlists have been a consistent talking point. What songs are in the rotation, how do jams in typically non-jamming slots affect a show, why were there so many bustouts in a single show, what’s the thematic arc of the…

  • S3E2: The Long Gig

    Throughout their history, Phish has constantly sought new ways to break down the barriers between their performance and their audience. Dubbed, The Long Gig (the LG), the band initially conceived of an indoor show where they’d announce to the audience that the doors were locking and they were going to play for 24hrs straight. This…

  • S3E1: MSG

    In the Summer of 2017 Phish settled into Madison Square Garden, “The World’s Most Famous Arena,” for a residency of 13 shows, immortalized as The Baker’s Dozen. Across nearly three weekends and four weekday gigs, Phish played 230+ songs without repeating a single one. They fused jokes from their past with music that looked ahead…

  • Introducing | Sugar Maple

    Hey there, Undermine fans! Please enjoy the first episode of our new fiction podcast: Sugar Maple. If you like what you hear, be sure to subscribe to see where the story goes!In the series premiere, we meet our narrator, Terrance Woodridge, who brings us a tale he’s chased down: the story of Sugar Maple, the…

  • S2E10: You’re Already There

    At the onset of the 2020s, Trey Anastasio got stuck on a platform high above MSG. While he played through with humor and grace, the moment would serve as the prelude to a year where we all felt unhinged. For those who were infected by Covid, or lost loved ones, 2020 was a nightmare. For…

  • S2E9: Phish Without Borders

    To this point, Season 2 of Undermine has mirrored the fan experience with Phish—traveling to see them, engaging with the community, and trying to understand why we dedicate so much time, energy and money to this band. But what happens if you fall in love with Phish but have no ability to see them live…

  • S2E8: Set II

    Beyond the tape trading, the road trips, the lot vibe, the people you meet, the lights dropping, etc, the reason we all come back to Phish is for the music. Why do people throw everything they have into this band? Why are we podcasting about them in 2021? Why are we trying to decipher all…

  • S2E7: Setbreak

    And after all that, we go collect our thoughts and go back to waiting again for 15 minutes (they always promise it’ll be 15 minutes!). Setbreak is the time to get a grip back on reality, connect with neighbors, meet people, take a stroll, grab a bite, you name it. It’s the in between. Something…

  • S2E6: Lights

    The anticipation has been building for hours, months…maybe even years. So many hours spent listening to shows, so much planning just to get you into the venue and in your spot for the moment we all wait for: when the lights finally drop. It’s a moment of ecstasy for many, a relief for others, and…

  • Introducing | Breaking Waves: Seattle

    Breaking Waves: Seattle is the story of the scene that defined rock in the ‘90s. The show traces the roots of grunge, and details the rise and fall of the Seattle scene, and concludes with a look forward, examining the legacy of grunge and highlighting the current and emerging artists who will create Seattle’s next…

  • S2E5: Doors

    There’s that moment at every Phish show where we transition from the bliss of the pre-show party to the business at hand of the show itself. We walk in, get our seats, gaze at the stage, and realize how many of us there are to see this incredible band. With this comes the realization that…

  • S2E4: The Lot

    At first blush, hanging out in a parking lot doesn’t sound that fun. But the Phish parking lot experience is completely different—part bazaar, part sprawling tailgating party, it’s a place for people to meet, hang out, exchange money for goods, and start the good times before a concert. In this episode, we stroll through the lot,…

  • S2E3: Load In

    When we think of the Phish community, we usually think about the obsessive, or at the very least, passionate, fans. However, behind the scenes, in every venue Phish plays in, there’s a community that works together to make sure that the show goes on—safely, smoothly, and in the most enjoyable way possible.In this episode, we…

  • S2E2: Let’s Go On Tour

    While many Phish fans in the early 90s discovered Phish by way of message boards and tape trades, the band solidified their status as one of the most important bands of the era through their unpredictable and thrilling live shows—and when you just had to hear, or see, the tour to understand the full story.  In…

  • S2E1: Hey, Check Out This Band

    In the early days of the internet, college kids from around the country began to congregate online to discuss Phish and trade information and live show tapes. Evolving alongside the internet itself, the community helped the band reach new fans, expand their sound and reach a level of success which few could have foreseen in…

  • Undermine Season 2: The Community – Trailer

    Undermine is the definitive Phish podcast. In Season 2 we’ll turn our focus to YOU, the Community. We’ve interviewed over 100 Phish fans to get to the heart of what’s shaped this community, how it originated, how it’s evolved, what issues persist, and how it’s communicated with each other over the the last 30 years.…

  • HF Pod On Tour!

    Phish tour is back, and so is the Helping Friendly Podcast! HF Pod On Tour will feature live video Quick Hits at 1pm the day after every show—on Osiris Media’s Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube channels.We’ll also have podcast episodes every Tuesday with a rundown of the tour thus far. Featuring great conversation, fans who…

  • Cluster Flies from JamBase

    We have a special episode for you today, looking in depth at JamBase’s Cluster Flies, the covers compilation reimagining Phish’s album Farmhouse. The limited-edition 3LP release was mastered by engineer Joe Lambert and features custom artwork and a poster created by longtime Phish collaborator Jim Pollock. You can pre-order the LP and Pollock poster here…

  • TEASER: Alive Again

    Alive Again is a limited series podcast exploring the solo career of Trey Anastasio.Based on extensive interviews with Trey and his bandmates and collaborators, Alive Again will dive into evolution of Trey’s songwriting and creative development, as well as the enduring career of the Trey Anastasio Band.The show will also cover Trey’s memories composing with…

  • Building The Community

    On the season finale of Undermine, we hear from fans who saw Phish in the 1980s, and hear their perspectives on the band’s development as they grew from a college bar band into a regional phenomenon. In addition, we hear how tape trading first entered the Phish community, and how it fueled the band’s growth.…

  • The Moment of Inspiration

    This week, we take a step back to examine Phish’s November 23, 1985 show at Goddard College, with a specific focus on the 27-min Whipping Post. During this show, Mike Gordon had an epiphany & decided he wanted to pursue music for the rest of his life. The jam in question shares a lot in…

  • Paradise Found

    This week, we look at Phish’s legendary show from the Paradise Rock Club, in Boston, on January 26, 1989. In yet another example of Phish refusing to play by the rules set by mainstream music, the band rented out the room and sold tickets against it. We hear from one of the guys who was…

  • Junta

    In this episode of Undermine, Phish lyricist Tom Marshall guides us through the making and release of Junta, Phish’s first official debut album. Interviews with Junta audio engineer, Gordon Hookailo, Junta cover-artist Jim Pollock, Phish’s first manager Ben Hunter and others who remember this pivotal time in Phish history. Undermine is sponsored by Upslope Brewing Company. Undermine…

  • Westward Expansion and Improvisation

    This week, we go Westward, to explore Phish’s trip to Colorado in 1988 in more detail, and to dive into the Mike’s Song from August 3, 1988. Dave and Brian also talk about King Crimson and Genesis, and the way those bands influenced Phish.Undermine is sponsored by Upslope Brewing Company. If you enjoy Undermine, please give…

  • The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday

    How did a college project about the mythical land of Gamehendge become one of the most intriguing pieces of Phish lore? And how did The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday fit into the evolution of Phish in the important years of 1987 and 1988?In this episode of Undermine, RJ, Matt, Jonathan and Brad discuss Phish…

  • The Early Compositions

    Core to the music of Phish are complex, evolving, emotionally moving compositions. Many of these early songs—Divided Sky, You Enjoy Myself, Foam, and others—remain highlights of the live experience. These songs created early in Phish’s career have stood the test of time, but what makes them so special? In this episode, we’ll hear about three of…

  • The 80s Rock Scene

    Phish’s song David Bowie combines quirky lyrics with an intricate musical arrangement that’s fit for a symphony. Starting with a discussion of the spirit and substance of this song, and a focus on the 8/29/87 version, Brian Brinkman and David Goldstein then use 1980s Phish to examine other notable bands from the decade like Minutemen,…

  • The Early Shows

    How did Phish go from playing cafeteria gigs at UVM to Madison Square Garden in only 10 years? We start to chart this path by looking at shows from 1983-1986, where intimate venues like Nectar’s and Doolin’s offered the band a chance to practice and refine their live sets. And at the same time, more…

  • The Origins

    How did a band with no major label from a small city in Northern Vermont become one of the biggest bands in music within a decade? What were the origins of Phish and what laid the foundation for their cultural timeline and organic growth?In the first episode of Undermine, Phish lyricist Tom Marshall brings in…

  • Undermine Trailer

    Undermine is the definitive Phish podcast. The first season will focus on Phish’s genesis in the 1980s—through deep-dives into the music, shows and songs; interviews with people who were there for the early years; and discussion about the lasting impact of these foundational years. Undermine is a combination of Under the Scales, Helping Friendly Podcast…

  • 079:Two Versions of Me

    This is the final Under the Scales episode! We are merging with two other Phish podcasts to form Undermine, a new weekly podcast starting in February 2021.In this episode, friend and Osiris colleague Mike Finoia joins Tom to discuss the song Two Versions of Me, a Phish song written in 2003.If you are currently an…

  • 078:A Special Announcement

    UNDERMINE comes to life!! What is Undermine? It’s a new podcast!!! It is nothing short of the biggest and best Phish podcast ever. The “Big Three” Osiris Phish podcasts, Under the Scales, Helping Friendly Podcast and Beyond the Pond are merging to form the new go-to WEEKLY Phish podcast, Undermine. Weekly we said, you read…

  • 077:Mountains in the Mist

    Tom is joined by fellow Osiris podcaster Mike Finoia (Comes a Time). Mike pilots the submarine as they do a deep dive into the 1998 Phish song Mountains in the Mist. Awaken beasts!  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

  • 076:November 1995 with Brad Sands

    This November, the top 3 Osiris Phish podcasts are focusing on November 1995 – a great era in Phish history. Under the Scales welcomes back Brad Sands who appeared two years ago on Episode 40 in June 2018. Brad and Tom today discuss Phish’s November 1995. Coming after their ambitious cover of The Who’s Quadrophenia…

  • 075:This Isn’t Happening

    Fall 2000 was a tumultuous time — politics were dividing the country, the internet was advancing faster than society could keep up, and the recording industry was undergoing major change. We take another look at this time through the lens of another band, Radiohead. Steven Hyden, author of a great book “This isn’t Happening” about Radiohead’s…

  • 074:Fall 2000 Pt. 2

    As part of the Osiris Phish podcast ‘October Project’, along with Beyond the Pond and HF Pod, we are examining Phish’s epic Fall 2000 tour. In this second of two episodes, Tom interviews John Paluska who was Phish’s first manager. John sheds light on Phish’s decision to take their first hiatus after playing hard on…

  • 073:Fall 2000 Pt. 1

    As part of the Osiris Phish podcast ‘October Project’, along with Beyond the Pond and HF Pod, we are examining Phish’s epic Fall 2000 tour. In this first of two episodes, Tom interviews Andy Gadiel, the founder of Jambase, who was at every show for the latter part of this tour. Andy sheds light from…

  • 072:Lyric Dive Leaves

    RJ and Tom dive deeply to examine the Phish song Leaves.  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

  • 071:Bob Lefsetz

    Tom talks with Bob Lefsetz, music industry analyst, author, podcaster and Phish fan about the state of music in the world today.Check out the Lefsetz Letter archive: https://lefsetz.com/wordpress/Subscribe to the Lefsetz Letter: https://lefsetz.com/lists/?p=subscribe&id=1  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

  • 070:Lyric Dive Chalkdust Torture

    RJ Bee and Tom take a deep dive into the lyrics of Chalkdust Torture  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

  • 069:Vance Powell

    Tom speaks to the multiple grammy-winning producer, engineer and mixer responsible for so much of the great music we all listen to, Vance Powell. Recently having completed co-production of Sigma Oasis, he tells us how he got here and about some of the other fantastic artists who rely upon him to create their own signature…

  • 068:Lyric Dive Evening Song

    RJ Bee and Tom take a deep dive into the lyrics of Evening Song  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

  • Rebroadcast: Trey’s Ghost Story

    This episode is a rebroadcast from June 2018: Osiris co-founder RJ Bee interviews Tom on Under the Scales for the 20th anniversary of Phish’s album Story of the Ghost. Tom & RJ call a special guest to answer some additional questions.We are sadly unable to deliver a new episode as planned this week due to…

  • 067:Don Hart

    Tom is joined by a very special guest for the new Under the Scales season premier. Don Hart is a Nashville composer and arranger, and has been working with Trey since 2004 to add beautiful orchestration to so many of his songs. Don discusses working with Trey, and their technique, and illuminates the details behind…


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  • 066:Kevin Cassels

    The secrets and stories behind the Pharmers Almanac Volume 6, bible to Phish fans when it came out in October 2000, are told by its creator Kevin Cassels. Fly backwards 20 years into Phish’s remarkable history with Kevin and Tom.Recorded by Julia Shuster  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

  • 065:Billy Strings

    The wonderful bluegrass sensation Billy Strings is on the show! Billy shares 5 important songs with Tom and explains how they influenced his career.  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

  • 064:Jesse Jarnow

    Rock writer Jesse Jarnow is featured. We discuss his many articles, books and career at large. One article in particular created enormous ripples (a tsunami?) in the Phish community. Jesse is known in the Osiris world as the voice/writer of After Midnight, a tribute to Phish’s 1999 Big Cypress festival. For information regarding your data…

  • CID Presents

    Dan Berkowitz, founder and president of CID Presents is interviewed by Tom and RJ. What is CID Presents? How did they pull off yet another amazing Phish gala in Mexico? Why did Phish move to a different resort? What is CID doing next? All these questions and more, answered. For information regarding your data privacy,…

  • 063:CID Presents

    Dan Berkowitz, founder and president of CID Presents is interviewed by Tom and RJ. What is CID Presents? How did they pull off yet another amazing Phish gala in Mexico? Why did Phish move to a different resort? What is CID doing next? All these questions and more, answered. For information regarding your data privacy,…

  • 062:Goose Part 2

    Conclusion (Part 2). Tom and RJ interview Rick Mitarotonda and Peter Anspach of Goose live onstage at the Brooklyn Bell House as part of the Brooklyn Podcast Festival. They played several acoustic numbers and were joined by their friend Jeffrey Arevelo on upright bass. Those were Arcadia, Time to Flee, A Western Sun, Brian &…

  • 061:Goose Part 1

    (Part 1 of 2) Tom and RJ interview Rick Mitarotonda and Peter Anspach of Goose live onstage at the Brooklyn Bell House as part of the Brooklyn Podcast Festival. They played several acoustic numbers and were joined by their friend Jeffrey Arevelo on upright bass. Those were Arcadia, Time to Flee, A Western Sun, Brian…

  • Goose Part 1

    Tom and RJ interview Rick Mitarotonda and Peter Anspach of Goose live onstage at the Brooklyn Bell House as part of the Brooklyn Podcast Festival. They played several acoustic numbers and were joined by their friend Jeffrey Arevelo on upright bass. Those were Arcadia, Time to Flee, A Western Sun, Brian & Robert (Phish), Jive…

  • 060:Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend

    Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend talks songwriting, Phish, music industry, show biz, influences, New York and more.RJ Bee joins Tom to interview Ezra in a far-ranging open-ended interview where the Vampire Weekend effect is viewed through a Phish lens occasionally.Please check out other Osiris podcasts Still Chasing, Freak Flag Flying, 36 from the Vault and…

  • 059:Pink Talking Cal Kehoe

    Cal Kehoe, guitarist for Pink Talking Fish, talks music with Tom. The two met exactly 10 years ago, and have written three songs together and shared a stage at a Phish after show during the Bakers Dozen in 2017. Listen to Cal discuss PTF and the method and philosophy behind covering three bands.There’s a lot…

  • 058:Beyond the Pond Best Albums

    Another Osiris podcast, Beyond the Pond, has compiled their top-30 albums of the decade. Tom talks to them about their motivations and the thoughts behind making such an epic compilation. We hear music from each of the hosts’ top-10 selections.Brian Brinkman’s top 10 albums:Brian’s Top Ten Albums of The 2010s:         01. The…

  • Special Edition: After Midnight

    We want to tell you about a new show from Osiris, After Midnight. It tells the story of Phish’s groundbreaking festival on the eve of the new millennium, Big Cypress. Phish built a city for 80,000 fans in the Everglades, and capped off the festival by playing for 7 hours, ending the concert during sunrise…

  • 057:Lyrics Dive 4

    Listening can make you wonder. If you’ve ever wondered about the songs: Dirt, Guyute, Undermind or Light, then listen to this lyrics-analysis podcast and perhaps pieces will fall into place for you. But keep wondering anyway. Photo Credit: Tom MarshallPhoto Art: Mark Dowd

  • 056:Lyrics Dive 3

    The lyrics for 3 popular Phish songs are examined lovingly by the Under the Scales forensic team. The Wedge, Crowd Control and No Men in No Mans Land are all on the table.

  • 055:Scott Aukerman

    From 2011 to 2014 there was an amazing Phish podcast called Analyze Phish hosted by Scott Aukerman and Harris Wittels. Once it ended, Tom Marshall, saw an opportunity for another Phish podcast and launched Under the Scales in 2016. In this episode, Tom interviews one of the Analyze Phish hosts, Scott Aukerman. This episode contains…

  • Special Edition: Tapes Archive

    Under the Scales is proud to preview a full episode from Osiris’ newest podcast, The Tapes Archive. This one features an interview with Trey Anastasio from 1993 — a key moment in Phish’s growth and transition to a national act. Subscribe here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-tapes-archive/id1477111579 Check out: https://www.thetapesarchive.com Produced and engineered by: revoicemedia.com

  • 054:Waterwheel

    Phish’s charitable arm, the Waterwheel Foundation, is discussed by the founders: Beth Montouri Rowles, Matthew Beck and Henry Schwab. Produced by RevoiceMedia.com

  • 053:Ticketing with CashOrTrade

    Tom speaks with Brando Rich of CashOrTrade.org. Platinum tickets, hoarding, scalping and more are discussed, and how new technology is helping to get face-value tickets into fan’s hands.

  • 052:Lyrics Reprise

    The lyrics for 5 popular Phish songs are examined lovingly by the Under the Scales forensic team. Scents & Subtle Sounds, Walls of the Cave, Joy, Steam and Pebbles & Marbles are all on the table.

  • 051:Deep Dive into Lyrics

    In this episode, Tom dives into the meaning of five popular Phish songs, chosen by co-hosts Tebo Thomas and RJ Bee: Wading in the Velvet Sea, Blaze On, Horn, Bug and Life Boy.

  • 050:Kevin Statesir

    Kevin Statesir, Trey’s brother-in-law and founder of the Burlington Vermont music venue Higher Ground, joins Tom in the studio to discuss Phish from a family perspective, and also how Higher Ground has become an integral piece in the Vermont music puzzle these days.

  • 049:Mike Gordon Part 2

    Part 2 of the Mike Gordon interview! Mike and Tom continue their conversation and delve more deeply into the artistic process with a backdrop of Mike’s music from his amazing solo career.

  • 048:Mike Gordon Part 1

    Mike Gordon joins Tom for the Under the Scales Season 3 opener. This is Part 1 of 2.

  • 047:New Years Countdown with Scott Marks

    SEASON 2 of UTS ends with Scott Marks and Tom ranking the best New Years shows in the Phish 3.0 era.

  • 046:The Kasvot Vaxt Halloween Prank

    On Halloween 2018 in Las Vegas, Phish’s costume entailed becoming a Scandinavian dance-pop band from the 80’s. How? Why? I talk to my pals to sort it all out.

  • 045:Scott Rogowsky

    Amazing host of the sensational HQ Trivia app, Scott Rogowsky, joins Tom and co-host RJ Bee for a spirited discussion and then a Phish trivia quiz!

  • 044:Annabel Lukins

    Jam Cruise Director, Loveboat Hostess, Tanuary, Mother Duck…call her what you will, Annabel Lukins will surprise you with her accomplishments, her love of music, and the depth of her abilities to thrive in the music business and be (actual) friends with everyone she encounters.

  • 043:Scott Metzger

    JRAD guitarist, and Wolf, RANA, Amfibian, F-Hole, Particle and many many others, renaissance man guitarist Scott Metzger talks with Tom and friend Andrew Southern about his musical journey and all those bands!

  • 042:Nugs.net

    Tom and RJ interview Brad Serling, founder of Nugs.net, the company that powers LivePhish and gets webcasts into your home.

  • 041:Ben & Jerry’s

    Tom is joined by Jay Curley of Ben & Jerry’s, the ice cream company, to discuss their multi-year relationship with Phish.

  • 040:Brad Sands

    Brad Sands, Phish’s longtime road manager – from 1991 to 2004 – talks to Tom and Tebo about the good old days, and has some great behind the scenes stories.

  • 039:Trey’s Ghost Story

    Osiris co-founder RJ Bee interviews me on Under the Scales for the 20th anniversary of Phish’s album Story of the Ghost. We call a special guest to answer some additional questions.

  • 038:Federal Donuts

    I interview Felicia D’Ambrosio, one of the partners of Federal Donuts who supplied all the donuts for Phish’s Baker’s Dozen shows July and August 2017. We learn about stairwells, Neil Young, and that holes are a flavor.

  • 037:Dicks 2017

    I wander around the Dicks lot during the Phish shows in September 2017 in Denver. I meet and talk to a lot of people including Bethany Barker of Phish Chicks and Paige Clem of the Phellowship. Music, art, glassware, sandwiches, nitrous, artificial legs, tributes to lost fans and guidance aplenty.

  • 036:The Pinsky Triangle

    Jason Pinsky is Tom’s guest in the Under the Scales Season 2 opener. Jason is a former Phish employee, music fan, food fan and cannabis connoisseur.

  • 035:Andy Gadiel

    For our Season-ending episode I am joined by the founder of Jambase.com — Andy Gadiel ushered Phish and fans into the internet age with one of the very first band websites on the World Wide Web.

  • 034:Andy Bernstein

    Andy Bernstein, founder of HeadCount, talks to Tom about multiple Phish-related projects.

  • 033:Scott Herman

    Scott Herman and Tebo inflict severe Q&A upon Tom. Scott, for those unaware, has 18 or more Phish songwriting credits to his name. Also: the REAL *Helping Friendly Book* is revealed.

  • 032:Phil and Friends Q&A

    Big Phil and Medium Phil, both longtime Phish friends and fans, stop by to ask Tom questions…only, they forgot the questions.

  • 031:Live Stream

    Eli Tishberg tells us about directing the video feed that allows us to see Phish live in our living rooms in unparalleled quality.

  • 030:Jazz is Phish

    Jazz Is Phish drummer Adam Chase illuminates the intricate workings of one of the most creative Phish cover bands.

  • 029:Posters

    in the studio with Jim Pollock and David Welker, the two cornerstones of the Phish poster phenomenon.

  • 028:Petrea Kelly Q+A

    Petrea Davis and Kelly Baines swim Under the Scales to inflict another Q&A upon Tom.

  • 027:Tale of Two Songs

    Tom puts the songwriting and recording process under the microscope with two co-writers and two new songs.

  • 026:KellyMorris

    Kelly Morris, creator of the captivating video accompaniment to the Phish song ‘More’, tells us what MORE she has in store!

  • 025:Yossarian

    Yossarian Kelly, early friend of the Dead, early phan, early bird when it comes to growing cannabis legally, calls UTS from Washington to check in.

  • 024:GarrettPhillips

    Garrett Phillips — also known as PlusSizeModel on PhantasyTour — describes, among other things, how to pack for a 35 month prison vacation.

  • 023:Steve Martocci

    GroupMe founder and Phish super-fan Steve Martocci talks about collaboration and inspiration on a beautiful day in New York City.

  • 022:Andrea Nusinov

    Andrea is an amazing Phish photographer who shares secrets on how her hobby took off! She also captures moments and the feeling we forgot.

  • 021:Questions Answers 1

    A new type of episode, in which Tom answers your questions, or at least makes an attempt…

  • 020:Holly Bowling 2

    Holly Bowling continues entrancing us with her musical powers…and disassembles my piano!

  • 019:Holly Bowling 1

    Holly Bowling stops by the studio to educate us musically — my piano has never sounded better!

  • 018:Benjy Eisen 2

    The second half of the Benjy Eisen interview in which we cover Phish and Reed Mathis…oh, and life and lyrics.

  • 017:Benjy Eisen Part 1

    Benjy Eisen talks about the wonderful book, Deal, he co-wrote with Bill Kreutzmann of the Grateful Dead

  • 016:PhanArt

    Phan Art Pete (Mason) created a vibrant art enterprise which has grown beyond the Phish community where it started. And that’s just ONE thing he’s doing…

  • 015:Phish Companion

    I speak with Phillip Zerbo, co-editor for the incredible Phish Companion Volume 3. Can 30 years fit into 900 pages?

  • 014:RELIX

    Mike Greenhaus gives us an amazing perspective on how Relix magazine has been involved in and crucial to the jam scene since its inception.

  • 013:Runaway Gin

    RJ and I talk to Andy Greenberg, guitarist for Phish cover-band Runaway Gin.

  • 012:TreyGuitars2

    Trey Anastasio explains the magic of Paul Languedoc’s guitars to me and Dan Kanter.

  • 011:TreyGuitars1

    Trey Anastasio shares years of guitar insights with me and Dan Kanter.

  • 010:McLovins

    Jake Huffman catches me up on the McLovins. Remember the YEM video from 2008 when they were 14 years old??

  • 009:Higher Thymes

    Jen Bernstein stops by to educate me about WEED. Yes, she does.

  • 008:Flotation

    Tom Bazis is my guide into the infinite…his business is flotation and sensory deprivation and pure relaxation.

  • 007:Dude of Life

    Steve Pollak, also known as THE DUDE OF LIFE, talks to me about the early days with Trey in Taft and brings us up to the present musically.

  • 006:Setlist Tees

    Ryan Stanley joins me in the studio to discuss his T-shirt business, Amfibian, a movie and other stuff.

  • 005:PhantasyTour

    Paul Glace, founder of PhantasyTour.com, is featured. We discuss the site’s origins and how it grew to the incredible Phish fan destination it is today.

  • 004:Timer

    I interview David Steinberg, long-time Phish fan and the band’s unofficial statistician. He’s an author and extreme long-distance touring expert. He also times shows…and has the scars to prove it.

  • 003:Tapers

    Co-hosts RJ and Jonathan and I take a DEEP DIVE into Tapers. Tapers are a huge part of Phish’s history…but what are they? Who are they? Let’s find out. Take a deep breath and jump in with us.

  • 002:Riding the Rail

    Derek Gregory joins me in the studio to discuss his extensive experience with Phish…he likes it up close to the band. Real close. I try to figure out the hows and whys of “riding the rail” as it’s called.

  • 001:The Songwriting Weekend

    In 1997, Trey and I escaped for long weekends to write a lot of songs which eventually appeared on Phish albums and became part of Phish’s live repertoire. This is the story of one of those weekends, and how it got off to a *horrifying* start. Trey listened to this and said “it’s like the…

  • 000:Let’s Take a Ride

    My producer, Mark Dowd, and I take a ride through Trey’s and my old grade-school, and discuss some history and motivation behind the Under the Scales podcast.

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