The String Cheese Incident & The Slip Members Cover Steely Dan In 1999

By Scott Bernstein Mar 8, 2019 7:56 am PST

The String Cheese Incident shared a “raw video” featuring members of The Slip joining in for a brief cover of Steely Dan’s “Hey Nineteen” and SCI original “Galactic” on February 27, 1999 at Walk Music Hall in Jackson, Wyoming. The video comes from the penultimate night of a series of dates The Slip opened for Cheese.

The “Hey Nineteen” > “Galactic” sequence came towards the middle of SCI’s second set on February 27, 1999. Bassist Marc Friedman of The Slip played in addition to Keith Moseley as Marc used a fretless instrument that he soloed on at various points of the segment. The Slip drummer Andrew Barr lent a hand on percussion throughout. Earlier in the night, Andrew played percussion on “San Jose,” while The Slip guitarist Brad Barr added to a cover of Joe Zawinul’s “Mercy Mercy Mercy.”

Watch newly unearthed video of “Hey Nineteen” and “Galactic” shared by SCI:

Cheese and The Slip ended the tour at the same venue the next night. All three members of The Slip sat-in at various points, including on the “I Know You Rider” encore. Here’s old video of both bands performing “Blackberry Blossom” on February 28, 1999 thanks to afriendofcheese:

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