The Showdown Kids Release Debut EP


The Showdown Kids released their self-titled debut EP featuring a cover of Phish’s “Stash.” The trio features violinist Katie Jacoby and guitarists Scott Metzger and Simon Kafka.

Previously available on 10-inch vinyl, the six-track EP is now on all major streaming platforms. In addition to the Phish cover, The Showdown Kids includes the trio’s “acoustic acrobatics” on “Oaxaca Ox” by Metzger’s WOLF! project, “Frettin Fingers” by Jimmy Bryant, “Jamming With Jimmy” by Jimmie Rivers and the Cherokees, “The Slop” by Wayne Cogswell and “Honey Fingers” by Ernest Tubb. Stream the debut EP below:

The Showdown Kids Tracklist

  1. Frettin Fingers
  2. Jammin with Jimmy
  3. The Slop
  4. Stash
  5. Oaxaca Ox
  6. Honey Fingers