The Black Keys Provide ‘Rig Rundown’


Premier Guitar delivered its third Rig Rundown on The Black Keys. The guitar magazine recently stopped by a Keys show at State Fram Arena in Atlanta to join Dan Auerbach’s longtime guitar tech Dan Johnson, Black Keys touring guitarists — Delicate Steve and the Gabbard brothers — as well as Auerbach himself to gab about guitar gear.

Some of the highlights of the episode include Auerbach and Johnson chatting about “a gold-foil-loaded Peavey Razer gunning for the T-Model Ford mojo, a lawsuit-era Ibanez SG, a custom-build (by Dan Johnson) that echoes back to industry heavyweight Paul Bigsby, and surprisingly enough, a ’59 burst.”

Auerbach also talks about a 10-string guitar played by original James Gang guitarist Glenn Schwartz. Auerbach was heavily influenced by his fellow Ohioan Schwartz as well as by Schwartz’s replacement in James Gang, Joe Walsh. While in high school, Auerbach would make the trip from Akron to Cleveland to see Schwartz play.

Later, when Auerbach and Walsh formed a relationship, Schwartz’s shredding came up in conversation — Auerbach and Walsh recently performed a Schwartz song in L.A. — and the latter would end up recording with Auerbach at his Easy Eye Sound Studio in Nashville. Schwartz’s famed 10-string guitar, which Auerbach now owns, would figure heavily into the reason The Black Keys got back together.

Check out the entire episode below:

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