SunSquabi Details New Album ‘Arise’ & Shares ‘Scorpion’ Single

Stream the 11-track LP’s second advance single, “Scorpion.”

By Scott Bernstein Aug 19, 2022 11:13 am PDT

SunSquabi returns with a new studio album entitled Arise on October 26. The Colorado-based instrumental trio previewed their third full-length studio album by releasing its latest single, “Scorpion.”

SunSquabi — Kevin Donohue (guitar, keyboards, production), Josh Fairman (bass, synth) and Chris Anderson (drums) — dove into creating new material when COVID led to a pause in live music. The resulting 11-track follow-up to 2019’s Instinct was informed by the group’s experiences as the pandemic raged.

“Since we’ve all been put down very hard for the past two years, the entire world has felt this pressure, sadness, and struggle,” explained Donohue. “So we tried to relay a message of arising from the ashes and becoming something new. This album shows how we’re able to do so during a really tough time.”

SunSquabi previously shared the Arise track “Elephant Song” featuring Big Gigantic's Dominic Lalli. The cut developed out of an improvised jam the trio explored during a livestreamed performance towards the start of the pandemic. Other songs featured on Arise were created with the same approach. “We’d rework these improv-based ideas in the studio. It was an extended process. We definitely took advantage of the time,” added Fairman. “We’re very proud of the band staying true to the music and to each other. We came together during the Pandemic and made sacrifices together. We’ve bonded as a band. We don’t try to jump on any trends.”

Donohue, Fairman and Anderson wrote “Scorpion” while COVID cases were surging. The seven-minute song features twists and turns yet Chris Anderson lays down a steady beat throughout in keeping “Scorpion” danceable.

SunSquabi premiered the number live at Denver’s Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom as part of a hometown concert in February 2021. “Scorpion” has been in heavy rotation ever since. “Playing this song live is like flying an ion-powered space fighter through the claws of a galaxy sized Scorpion,” noted Kevin Donohue. “The apex of the song really takes me there every time and we’ve been using some unique features live such as a live sidechain to really create the pulse in the bass.”

“Scorpions are symbols of danger and death, a scorpion is usually a warning,” observed Fairman regarding “Scorpion’s” genesis. “However, a scorpion may also show up in your life as a blessing. It’s similar to how we were able to take this dark period of time and turn it into a blessing and a symbol of power.” Hear SunSquabi’s “Scorpion” below:

Arise vinyl, merch and bundles are available for pre-order now through the band’s Shopify site. SunSquabi focuses on festival appearances this weekend and in the weeks to come.

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Arise Tracklist

  1. Water Level
  2. Elephant Song feat. Dominic Lalli
  3. Middle Of The Night (Panther) feat. Iya Terra
  4. Motion Transfer
  5. Steam Cat
  6. Scorpion
  7. Torque
  8. Mantis
  9. No Friction feat. Chris Karns
  10. Milkshake Machine feat. Jason Huber of Cherub
  11. The Hornet
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