Sunday Cinema | Ten Guitar Rig Rundown Videos

There’s so many pieces of equipment that assist professional musicians in turning the ideas they hear in their heads to the sound that that comes from their instruments. Each musician uses a different chain of actual instrument, amps, pre-amps, cables, effects and beyond that in most cases they’ve settled on after years (and sometimes decades) of trial and error. Over the past few years a number of clips have popped up on YouTube which give us a tour of the rigs noted musicians use. These “Rig Rundown” videos give fans of those musicians an insight into the technology they use and how they use it, while for budding musicians it may act as an introduction as to the functionality of each piece of equipment.

For this week’s Sunday Cinema, we’ve compiled ten “Rig Rundown” videos featuring some of our favorite axemen. Many come from Premier Guitar’s exceptional Rig Rundown series, so if you like what you see here we highly suggest watching many of the other dozens of videos in the series. Below, let’s take a peek at “Rig Rundowns” from the likes of Warren Haynes, Bob Weir, Trey Anastasio, Jake Cinninger, The Edge and Jimmy Herring.

1. Warren Haynes -Gov’t Mule

We have to start with the birthday boy as guitar tech Brian Farmer gives us a tour of Warren Haynes’s Gov’t Mule rig in 2010.

2. Trey Anastasio -Phish

Trey shows off his engaging personality during a two-part mini-documentary about his touring rig that was shown at setbreak during the Live Phish webcasts from Phish’s 2012-2013 New Year’s Run.

3. Bob Weir -RatDog

Weir’s longtime guitar tech, Joseph “A.J.” Santella, provides Dunlop TV with a tour and descriptions of Bobby’s rig and the different guitars he used back in 2008.

4. Tim Reynolds -Dave Matthews Band

In 2010 Reynolds gave Premier Guitar a full tour of all the equipment he uses while on the road with the Dave Matthews Band.

5. Nels Cline -Wilco

Cline is a master of extracting just the right tone out of his axe and utilizes a variety of unconventional gear. We were particularly excited to watch Nels’s rundown of his rig and he doesn’t disappoint.

6. “Captain” Kirk Douglas and Mark Kelley -The Roots

While we were hoping Douglas would discuss the time Prince smashed his guitar, this clip is still interesting because The Roots are the rare act that has a home base where they perform in front of live audiences. When the clip was shot The Roots were the house band for Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and now back Fallon on The Tonight Show. It’s also a cool look into their “clubhouse” at NBC’s iconic 30 Rock building.

7. The Edge -U2

The Edge shows off how he put together the perfect tones for some of U2’s most memorable songs in these scenes filmed in 2008.

8. Jimmy Herring -Jimmy Herring Band

Jimmy Herring brings Premier Music into a North Carolina studio to show off the rig he planned to use on tour with his eponymous band. Herring has an interesting story for each piece he displays, making for an entertaining segment.

9. Robert Randolph -Robert Randolph & The Family Band

The sacred steel wiz gives Premier Music a tour of his unusual rig. If you’re unfamiliar with pedal steel, you’ll learn so much from Randolph’s primer as Robert has a knack for explaining difficult concepts in a way that makes them easy to understand.

10. Ryan Stasik, Jake Cinninger & Brendan Bayliss -Umphrey’s McGee

Premier Guitar headed to an UM gig in 2011 to chat with the group’s two guitarists and bassists about their axes, effects, amps and more. We could use another twenty minute on this subject as each member seemed just to be getting started when the feature moved on.