Stormy Mondays | The First Final Grateful Dead Show

Today, we say farewell to a column that was started on the now-defunct Hidden Track blog in 2006 and followed me over to JamBase starting last summer –Stormy Mondays. Nearly every Monday without fail, Dan Alford would provide us with an intriguing mix of live music from the jam and jazz worlds for the column. Dan has decided to end the column and we can’t thank him enough for providing a wonderful way to start the work week for the past eight years. -Scott Bernstein

To round out this year when we’ve spent so much time listening to the music of the Grateful Dead in 1974, we’re going to give it one last spin, focusing on the famous second set from October 20.

It was the last show before the band’s hiatus, and during set break, Mickey Hart arrived with a drum kit and rejoined the band. What follows is a super rhythm heavy sequence tied together by Garcia’s guitar cutting a trail through the center. It’s one of my favorites and a great way to celebrate the end of the year. As always, enjoy!

Whole Show Stream

Words by: Dan Alford