Steve Gorman Discusses Rise & Fall Of The Black Crowes On ‘Celebration Rock’ Podcast


The latest installment of the Celebration Rock podcast hosted by Steven Hyden focuses on the career of The Black Crowes. Hyden recruited drummer and founding member Steve Gorman to chat about how the band was formed, their wild heyday and why it currently appears The Black Crowes won’t reunite any time soon.

Gorman shares fascinating and frank insights into the Crowes’ career with Hyden. Steve and Steve start by talking about the chances of the band entering the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, a topic Chris Robinson touched upon with Howard Stern on Tuesday. The drummer then details how The Black Crowes formed as “Mr. Crowe’s Garden,” his first time meeting Chris Robinson, signing a major label record deal and the success of the Crowes’ first two studio albums.

The interesting 90-minute podcast continues with Gorman sharing stories from the mid ’90s and the making of Amorica. He then gets into the demise of the band and the demands he says Chris Robinson made in order for the Crowes to re-group for a 2015 tour that never happened. Gorman notes Chris and Rich Robinson were at odds with each other from the day he met them. The drummer feels their contentious relationship infiltrated every facet of what the band did and led to the end of the Crowes. He mentions The Black Crowes did a series of private shows at the beginning of 2014 and upon sharing a ride with the Robinson brothers to the airport after the final performance, Gorman realized the band was done and would not wind up celebrating the 25th anniversary of their debut album in 2015.

Steve Gorman summarizes the way he feels about the end of the band as “I’m not bitter at all. I think The Black Crowes overachieved for-fucking-ever. There was no reason on earth that those people should’ve had that run. We’re just not made of that stuff, we’re too self-destructive and especially all together. There were tremendous strengths and there were tremendous weaknesses within that band and the band never learned how to ignore the weaknesses and focus on its strengths.” He went on to say, “In the whole grand scheme of things I think [The Black Crowes’ career] was fucking great.” Gorman said another Black Crowes tour “is the last thing I would ever want to do” but he does regret they couldn’t have a farewell tour.

Listen to Steve Gorman’s appearance on Celebration Rock: