Spafford Fits 3 20-Minute Jams Into High Point, North Carolina Concert

Hear Spafford go deep on "Ginger Stardust," "The Postman" and more.

By Nate Todd Apr 28, 2022 11:25 am PDT

Spafford stopped by Ziggy’s in High Point, North Carolina on Wednesday. The Arizona-based band offered three 20-minute-plus jams during the 10-song concert.

The quartet kicked things off with the 2022 debut of “The Man.” The band then eased into a 22-minute-plus “Ginger Stardust,” which built before heading back down into a floating groove that then went funky with slap bass from Jordan Fairless.

From there, Spafford segued into a 20-minute rendition of “In The Eyes Of Thieves,” which started off dancey then flowed into a jazz-tinged groove with piano from Andrew “Red” Johnson before guitarist Brian Moss took the reins to bring the song home. Spafford then delivered “People” ahead of set closer “Eternity.”

Spafford came out rocking with “America” to launch the second set, which was substantial at 15 minutes and included some heavy-hitting on drums and guitar from Nick Tkachyk and Moss respectively. “America” was left unfinished and led into the longest jam of the evening on “The Postman.” The band explored peaks and valleys including a tasty electro groove in the middle and Moss blasted off once again to wrap up the 23-minute excursion.

Next came “Legend” ahead of a 13-minute “Slip & Squander” to close the four-song second set. Spafford concluded “America” to start the encore before capping off the evening with “The Reprise.”

Listen to full-show audio below via joel at jamlivedotorg:

Spafford took over Oteil & Friends' SweetWater 420 Fest slot today. The band’s set is airing via the SweetWater 420 Fest free livestream as of press time. Watch their performance below:

Setlist (via

Set One: The Man, Ginger Stardust > In The Eyes Of Thieves, People, Eternity

Set Two: America > The Postman > Legend, Slip And Squander

Encore: America [1] > The Reprise

[1]: Ending Only

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