Spafford Plays 25-Minute ‘When It Falls’ In Fairfield

Check out video, audio and photos from last night's show at The Warehouse.

By Scott Bernstein Apr 14, 2022 11:49 am PDT

Spafford brought their spring tour to Fairfield, Connecticut last night. The Arizona-based quartet kicked off Wednesday’s concert at The Warehouse with a wild, 25-minute “When It Falls” as part of an evening heavy on improvisation.

Guitarist Brian Moss, bassist Jordan Fairless, keyboardist Andrew “Red” Johnson and drummer Nick Tkachyk spent the first 10 minutes of the “When It Falls” opener jamming out the song’s main progression. Then, Moss dug in on a hard-nosed solo in leading his bandmates to a massive peak. Spafford went on to break down the improv as they painted outside the lines for a particularly funky excursion that eventually gave way to the reggae-tinged “Night After Night.”

Last night’s first set rolled on with rarity “Smooth, Relax, Down,” which was last played on February 6, 2020 as per and has only been performed four times since its debut in 2011. A nicely extended “Slip And Squander” closed out the frame.

Spafford focused on live staples over the course of their four-song second set in Fairfield. The beloved “Electric Taco Stand” began the set and featured “Dis Go In 5” within. The sequence spanned nearly 30 minutes in total. From there the band dove into “It’s A Bunch” with Moss once again fronting a build to a mighty climax. Spafford toyed with tempos to end the lengthy “It’s A Bunch” and tacked on “Mind’s Unchained” to end the set. The group put an exclamation on the evening with an “All In” encore.

Check out Adam McCullough’s photos, video from a free livestream and an audience recording taped by 603Brett below:


Set One: When It Falls > Night After Night, Smooth, Relax, Down, Slip And Squander

Set Two: Electric Taco Stand > Dis Go In 5 > Electric Taco Stand, It’s A Bunch > Mind’s Unchained

Encore: All In

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