Snarky Puppy Shares ‘Chrysalis’ Single


Snarky Puppy released the latest bonus track from the sessions that yielded their latest studio album, Immigrance. The band unveiled “Chrysalis,” a song penned by saxophonist Bob Reynolds.

“‘Chrysalis'” was born out of frustration,” explained Reynolds in a statement. “In the weeks leading up to recording Immigrance, I was trying to write a song to contribute. It wasn’t going well. The day before leaving I still had nothing I liked. In a moment of frustration, I went for a jog, during which a melody popped into my head. By the time I got home, I had a full song in mind.

“I recorded a rough demo (which I finished in the Uber to the airport) and voilà, I had a song to share. In the same weeks all this ‘writing’ was going on, my kids were tending to a butterfly garden in our backyard,” the saxophonist continued. “If you’ve never seen one (I hadn’t), it’s incredible. You watch caterpillars become butterflies in the span of a couple of weeks. But the most magical part of the transformation is invisible to the outside world. It occurs inside a hard skin called a chrysalis. It seemed an appropriate metaphor for the experience of composing music. Lots of internal work the world never sees and at the end, if you’re lucky, a song emerges. The contrasting sections and modulations in ‘Chrysalis’ reminded me of that metamorphosis. My own as well as the butterflies. P.S. We released our butterflies the same day I wrote the song.”

“During the Immigrance sessions, we recorded more songs than we could squeeze onto the album,” added band leader Michael League, who also produced the LP. “So, over the course of the year, we’ll be releasing three brand new, full-length compositions by Bill Laurance, Marcelo Woloski, and Bob Reynolds, as well as extended versions of three of the album’s tracks.” Snarky Puppy previously shared the Immigrance bonus track “Embossed.”

Listen to “Chrysalis” below:

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