Sat Eye Candy: Van Halen


Though he may not have gotten invited back for Van Halen‘s big 2007 reunion tour with David Lee Roth, we’re still down to celebrate a crucial factor in that band’s classic sound (even if Eddie and Alex won’t) as bassist Michael Anthony celebrates his 55th natal day this Saturday. A musician of pure feel and fine voice (he outclasses Roth on a regular basis and gives ol’ Sammy Hagar a run for his money), Anthony earned the nickname “The Secret Weapon” during VH’s ’70s/80s heyday. While technically all over the place, the dude is pure rock ‘n’ roll and a huge contributor to Halen’s fabled party mojo. Now cheerfully getting back to basics in bar band super group royale Chickenfoot with Sammy, Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith and Joe Satriani, Anthony continues to have and impart a good time to folks. We offer this six-pack (and one Chickenfoot) as a pleasant reminder of his shambling charms. Middle age has rarely looked so unruly.

While mocked by Diamond Dave purists at the time, hindsight shows that the line-up of Van Halen with Hagar as frontman was some quality mainstream stuff, including this crowd igniting favorite.

Next, one of VH’s signature tunes captured in Oakland, CA in 1981.

There was no bigger band in 1983 and you can tell they were feeling it at their headlining set at the US Festival.

While usually marked as a wild ass string slapper, Anthony has his deeper, more subtle moments like this slow burner.

Anthony provided almost as much hip sway as Roth in the band’s early days. This sweet cover looks like a swell night in Fresno, CA in the late ’70s.

Sophisticated they ain’t but after the alcohol hits your bloodstream it usually feels pretty good. Sure, you can fight it, but why?

And your finisher with Anthony’s new project. Happy bday, dude!

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