Sam Bush Shares New Single ‘Stop The Violence’

Sam Bush released his first new music since 2016’s Storyman. Featuring the Sam Bush Band, the mandolinist crafted an anthemic new single, “Stop The Violence.”

While Bush is frequently thought of as a pioneer of progressive bluegrass, the new track finds the picker on an electric mandolin, offering a defiant and shred-heavy number that leans heavily into the traditions of Southern rock. The song originated from a conversation between Bush and co-writer Jeff Black which “turned to the current state of the world—mass shootings, violence towards women and children and minorities.” At one point, Bush offered, “stop the violence,” leading to the title and theme of the track. Black elaborated on the inspiration behind the song, stating:

Violence has become a disease, a bad gene in our DNA … It’s not normal, but it’s being normalized and it’s happening right in front of our kids. When Sam brought me the track and his vision for the song, I started thinking about all the folks who grow up in a violent environment, and that’s all they know. I think about the children in particular and how they are cast into it without a choice. I think the hope, because violence itself is taught and handed down through the generations, is that someday, by small acts, we can break the chain.

Bush added, “I’m jumping on that peace train. Stop the violence.”

The famed mandolinist released his new single with a music video directed by David McClister. Watch the video, which Rolling Stone premiered, below: