The JamBase Podcast: Robert Walter

Hear the keyboardist discuss life on the road with Roger Waters, The Greyboy Allstars’ ‘A Town Called Earth’ reissue and more.

By Team JamBase Oct 6, 2022 12:00 pm PDT

Episode 144 of The JamBase Podcast, a partner of the Osiris Media Network, features the return of Robert Walter. The keyboardist spoke with JamBase’s Scott Bernstein about touring with Roger Waters, The Greyboy Allstars‘ recently reissued A Town Called Earth album and more.

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Robert Walter is currently on the road as a member of Roger Waters’ band. He caught up with Bernstein last week via video chat from his home in California during an off day from the This Is Not A Drill Tour. The keyboardist, who previously detailed his Musical Mentors in a 2018 episode of The JamBase Podcast, recalled how he got the gig with the Pink Floyd co-founder. Robert then discussed the grand production of Roger Waters’ tour, playing huge arenas for the first time, trying to create a perfect performance each night and all the rehearsal that went into the trek. Walter also talked about how exacting Roger Waters is as a boss and why Robert appreciates the attention to detail.

Another topic hit upon was Better Feathers, a series of recordings Walter wrote and recorded during the dog days of the pandemic. Robert explained how he needed the creative outlet while stuck at home and recruited a number of his musical friends to collaborate remotely on the 12 tracks. Better Feathers was released last year via Royal Potato Family as a series of digital 45s. The keyboardist discussed how he picked the collaborators and why he put out the songs as digital singles.

Robert went on to discuss The Greyboy Allstars who will kick off a celebration of their 30th anniversary with an upcoming New Year’s Run in their hometown of San Diego. GBA recently reissued their long out-of-print 1997 album A Town Called Earth on both vinyl and digital formats for the first time. Walter explained how he and bandmates multi-instrumentalist Karl Denson, guitarist Elgin Park, drummer Aaron Redfield and bassist Chris Stillwell truly found their distinctive sound and own musical voice between releasing their debut album, West Coast Boogaloo, and entering the studio to record A Town Called Earth. They figured out what they wanted to be and underwent a big evolution in time for their sophomore LP. Robert spoke about his favorite track on the album, the role he played in the reissue and how much The Greyboy Allstars mean to him personally to end the interview.

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