RecommNeds | The Mattson 2 & Monta At Odds

By Aaron Stein Jan 28, 2015 2:10 pm PST

OK, one last brotherly pair of great releases from late fall 2014.

The Mattson 2: Agar

The Mattson 2 is a duo in the truest sense: twin brothers Mattson, Jared on guitar and loops, Jonathan on drums. Together they make a sort of soundtrack to being twins: finishing each other’s sentences, speaking in their own language, sometimes aggressive fighting and sometimes doing together what would be impossible on their own. This is a dreamy sort of jazz-based, California instrumental music that penetrates and elevates. Agar, their newest EP, came out in November. It starts with a kind of manic scream and goes full-tilt-space-boogie from there. Really good shit. Enjoy!

Rdio: on_2/album/Agar

Spotify: The Mattson 2 – Agar


Monta At Odds: Robots of Munich

Dedric and Delaney Moore are brothers at the heart of Kansas City band Monta At Odds. For their latest release, Robots of Munich, also from November 2014, the Moore’s started with Phillip K. Dick’s sci-fi novel “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” as inspiration for a sort of concept album. The music follows along the theme, a sort of retro-futuristic electro-psychedelic filled with hallucinogenic synths and space-age disco beats. Like all good science fiction, it’s a unique and satisfying blend of style and story.

Rdio: rtist/Monta_At_Odds/album/Robots_of_Munich/

Spotify: Monta At Odds – Robots of Munich


Written By: Aaron Stein

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