RecommNeds | Juston Stens, Jeffertittis Nile & Nels Cline Singers


Don’t I recognize you from somewhere…??

Juston Stens: Share the Road

Juston Stens started out as a drummer for Dr. Dog, but along the way he decided to follow his own muse with a solo career. His newest album, Share the Road is the result of traveling the country and recording with his friends. The result is an album that stretches the rock and roll genre in all directions – each track seems to take on a different sound and feel, from the Dr Dog-ish rock to sweet little instrumentals to boogie to straight country. This is in part to the range of guest musicians on the album, which features several of my personal favorites including Jesse Gallagher (Apollo Sunshine), Jessica Lea Mayfield and Brass Bed. It’s all pretty much excellent, so dig in!

Rdio: http://www.rdio. com/artist/Juston_Stens/alb um/Share_the_Road/

Spotify: Juston Stens – Share the Road


Jeffertitti’s Nile: The Electric Hour

Jeffertitti’s Nile is a Los Angeles outfit dabbling in self-described “transcendental space-punk doo wop.” Sounds about right. The band, fronted by Jeffertitti, who plays bass in Father John Misty’s touring band (Josh Tillman plays drums throughout), is a bit amorphous, but the music is a heavy duty blast of intergalactic rock and roll. Their newest album, The Electric Hour, out on RecommNed mainstay label, Beyond Beyond Is Beyond, features 3-minute shots of adrenaline and more extended imagineering, closing with an free-floating 9+ minute excursion.

Rdio: http://’s_ Nile/album/The_Electric_Hour/

Spotify: Jeffertitti’s Nile – The Electric Hour


Nels Cline Singers: Macroscope

Before he was well-known as the lead guitarist for Wilco, Nels Cline was a bit of an avant garde force of nature and, gosh darnit, he still is, filling his free time with gigs of all shapes, sizes, permutations and combinations. One of these outlets is his own band The Nels Cline Singers, which, it must be pointed out, features no vocalists or singing. What it does feature is plenty of A+ adventure-seeking, guitar-fueled free-form. The band is a quartet of heavyweights in the field – Cline joined by Trevor Dunn, Scott Amendola, Devin Hoff –and it shows on their newest album, Macroscope. This is some thrill-seeking, genre-shredding music that gets out there in a hurry and stays there for the duration. File it under “jazz” if you must, but be ready for a ride.

Rdio: http://www.rdi

Spotify: The Nels Cline Singers – Macroscope


Written By: Aaron Stein