Photos, Audio & Videos: Cabinet Teams With Keller Williams KWahtro In Philadelphia


Images by: Meredith Kleiber

Cabinet & Keller Williams KWahtro :: 2.13.16. :: TLA :: Philadelphia, PA

Homestate jamgrass act Cabinet opened for Keller Williams‘ new KWahtro outfit at the TLA in Philadelphia on Saturday night. Cabinet kicked off the action with a set loaded with such favorites as “Susquehanna Breakdown,” “Arco Arena” and “Heavy Rain.” Keller’s band finds the guitarist/vocalist joined by guitarist Gibb Droll, bassist Danton Boller and drummer Rodney Holmes. The Kwahtro’s set included takes on “The Drop,” “Best Feeling” and “Open Close” and more as well as covers of “Scarlet Begonias” and “Life’s Been Good.” Photographer Meredith Kleiber captured the action on Saturday in Philly:

Cabinet Audio (taped by Keith Litzenberger)

Videos (captured by 215music)

[Best Feeling]

[Open Close]

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