Phish Performs ‘Everything’s Right’ In Mexico: Pro-Shot Video


Phish unveiled pro-shot video of “Everything’s Right” from their Sunday night concert in Mexico. Sunday's show was the fourth and final show of the band’s 2020 Phish Riviera Maya destination event.

“Everything’s Right” was the improvisational highlight of Sunday’s finale and also was the longest song Phish played at just over 18 minutes. Here’s a description of what went down via the JamBase recap:

Up next was “Everything’s Right,” which led into the afternoon’s first extended jam. The band stuck in the song’s typical dark minor-key for a long time unlike many past versions of “Everything’s Right” featuring blissful improvisation. [Keyboardist Page] McConnell played lead on Fender Rhodes for the meat of the “Everything’s Right” jam while [guitarist] Trey [Anastasio] focused on rhythmic work, bassist Mike Gordon utilized an envelope filter effect and [drummer Jon] Fishman held down the beat. Eventually, Phish did modulate to a blissful jam space at which point Trey took the lead and strung together one beautiful riff after another. The quartet built to a crowd-pleasing peak to end “Everything’s Right.”

Watch Sunday’s “Everything’s Right” below: