Phil Collins In Rehearsals For Potential Comeback Tour

Phil Collins last toured in 2005, but if all goes well over the coming weeks he just may mount a comeback tour sooner rather than later. Phil’s longtime solo band bass player Lee Sklar broke the news via I’d Hit That that Collins has planned three weeks of rehearsals with a band he put together that includes not only Sklar but drummer Jason Bonham and if all goes well he’ll embark on his first tour in nearly a decade.

Sklar reveals that the rehearsal sessions will feature a “firm setlist.” While drummer Chester Thompson wasn’t available for the rehearsals, as mentioned, Jason Bonham will be behind the kit for the sessions. “If at the end of three weeks, he feels like it’s still got the old mojo, then he’ll talk to management and see what they want to do,” Sklar told I’d Hit That. “Personally, I didn’t think we were ever going to play again, and then all of a sudden, I think he’s in a better place in his life. His two young sons, I think kind of said to him: ‘We’ve never seen you.’ And I think a lot of things came together, where he wants to test the waters.”

While we’re happy that Collins is considering a tour, we were holding out hope that tour would feature the 1971 -1975 lineup of Genesis. Recently, the BBC brought together that lineup for the first time since 1975 to participate in a new documentary about the band.

Last month Collins made his long-awaited return to the stage at a place you’d least expect, when he performed at a middle school concert.

[Hat Tip –Ultimate Classic Rock]