Pearl Jam Launches ‘DEEP’ Online Live Concert Recordings Archive

By Andy Kahn May 7, 2021 10:15 am PDT

Pearl Jam launched DEEP, an online archive of recordings of the band’s concerts in 2000, 2003, 2008, and 2013. The immersive digital hub contains 186 Pearl Jam shows, totalling 5,404 individual tracks, which are also available on all major streaming platforms.

Part of Pearl Jam’s long-running Ten Club, DEEP is accessible with free Ten Club membership login. Visitors have access to specially curated playlists such as “Best Of [City],” “Best Of [Year],” “Best Political Songs” and “Best Covers.” New fans can be introduced to the band through the “Pearl Jam For Dummies” playlist.

Additionally, DEEP features a Custom Setlist Generator. Here’s how the announcement describes “by popular request” feature:

By inputting your name and birthday, you can receive a custom setlist generated in Eddie Vedder’s instantly recognizable handwriting. The setlist also transforms into a streamable, custom playlist that has the added bonus of written personal descriptions for the Bootlegs, by you, the fans.

The Custom Setlist Generator also allows users to generate a random setlist or create their own setlist – up to 24 songs – that also turn into streamable collections featuring Vedder’s handwriting. Visit to stream live Pearl Jam concerts.

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