Brandi Carlile Among Pearl Jam’s Guests At Ohana Encore Finale

Watch Carlile front Pearl Jam on "Again Today" and last night's guest-filled "Rockin' In The Free World" closer.

By Nate Todd Oct 3, 2021 12:01 pm PDT

Pearl Jam welcomed a slew of guests including Brandi Carlile during their Ohana Encore headlining set at Doheny State Beach in Dana Point, California on Saturday. Carlile sat-in with PJ for her song “Again Today” and also joined a star-studded cast of musicians, athletes, actors, friends and family for Neil Young’s “Rockin’ In The Free World” to bring the evening to a close.

PJ’s Ohana Encore headline marked the final concert the famed Seattle rockers have on the books for 2021. Pearl Jam kicked things off with “Superblood Wolfmoon” from their 2020 album Gigaton before reeling off tour debuts of “All Night,” “Last Exit” and “Lurkin.” The staple Corduroy followed ahead of Gigaton’s “Dance Of The Clairvoyants.”

As they did at their Sea Hear Now festival appearance, PJ would tag “Wishlist” with The Rolling Stones’ “Waiting On A Friend.” Frontman Eddie Vedder then dedicated “Given To Fly” to Mikey who has Epidermolysis Bullosa and was celebrating his birthday with his first Pearl Jam show. Classics like “Even Flow,” “Black” and “Daughter” followed.

Carlile — who also joined PJ at last weekend’s larger Ohana Festival — emerged for the 18th song of the set, her own “Again Today.” Pearl Jam has performed the song three times previously, as per After closing out the set with “Porch,” Pearl Jam returned to the stage for a four-song encore that included “Alive” and closed out with Neil Young’s “Rockin’ In The Free World.” Carlile joined the band once again alongside members of Sleater-Kinney, John McEnroe, Patty Smyth, Taylor Hawkins, Chad Smith and other Pearl Jam friends and family.

Check out fan-shot video of Saturday’s “Again Today” and “Rockin’ In The Free World” below:

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Setlist (via

Set: Superblood Wolfmoon, All Night, Last Exit, Lukin, Corduroy, Dance Of The Clairvoyants, Quick Escape, Wishlist*, Given To Fly, Seven O’Clock, Not For You**, Even Flow, Take The Long Way, Unthought Known, Daughter, Once, Black, Again Today^, Smile, Porch

Encore: Wasted Reprise, Life Wasted, Alive, Rockin’ In The Free World^^

  • * – w/ Waiting On A Friend tag
  • ** – w/ Modern Girl tag
  • ^ – w/ Brandi Carlile
  • ^^ – w/ Carlile, members of Sleater-Kinney, John McEnroe, Taylor Hawkins, Chad Smith, Patty Smyth and others from various bands, friends and family
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