Otis McDonald Appears On ‘Eric Krasno Plus One’ Podcast

Krasno and McDonald talk about their new album 'Always' and more.

By Nate Todd Feb 10, 2022 1:03 pm PST

Eric Krasno welcomed collaborator Otis McDonald (Joe Bagaled) on JamBase partner Osiris Media podcast Eric Krasno Plus One. Joe helped Krasno on his new album new album, Always, and the musicians talked shop on the LP and more.

The discussion got underway with Krasno and Bagale chatting about Always. Joe also discussed how he learned how to record on an eight-track Fostex reel to reel his dad gave him. They revisit how they met through Lettuce’s Adam Deitch and chat about Joe’s time performing with Mickey Hart.

“I sang lead vocals and played keyboard for Mickey Hart. And that was a full-circle thing. I used to listen to the Dead when I was A kid. Of course, being a drummer who didn’t listen to Planet Drums?”

Stream Eric Krasno’s talk with Otis McDonald below:

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